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You’re very smart and you’re going to get this right. 

Don’t wait until the business, book sales,  blog revenue, podcast downloads,  online course, or group coaching flops before you establish a compelling online brand.

You’ve made your way here because you know you’re capable and primed to attract an online audience, grow a platform and leverage your knowledge to massively inspire, educate or entertain the right audience.  A bomb personal brand and more visibility for your greatness await you, so in the famous nudge of Queen Bey, get information.

I’d be flattered to work with you and help you implement a structure, strategies, and a system to grow a captivating brand that drives and scales your success.  

 Courtney’s guidance, persistence, and vision over the years helped to catapult my success. Her brand management of my book, “Art Is Love: Love Is An Art” made it nationally recognized, award-winning and an all-around success! She’s a brand marketing ROCKSTAR!

– Anthony Liggins, Artist & Owner of Gallery 88 Miami| Atlanta



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One-On-One Coaching: LEVEL UP

If you’re ready to level up your brand and business, we can do that together.  Work with me and my team for anything from a simple strategy session to get you moving in the right direction, to a full-on ~ game-changing brand identity and online presence build-out. We’ll start with a 30-minute coaching call, if you decide to move forward, we’ll customize a  plan for your business goals and needs. We can help you completely level up your brand from ideation to launch and everything in between. Whether you need strategic guidance and business coaching, to a beautifully designed website, an automated sales funnel, and a launch strategy, we’ve got you.

Give yourself the tools and confidence to implement the best brand-building strategies to thrive online, and earn your share of the  500 billion-plus green ones spent in the US online economy.

If you’re a new Digital CEO just starting, a seasoned entrepreneur revamping your brand, or you’re sick and tired of DIY’ing yourself through doing it all in your business. We’re here to help.

Whether you need a real strategy, coaching guidance, and/or a beautifully functional online home that mirrors your unique brand and highlights the offers you sell- we’ll make it happen.

Book your one-on-one session with Courtney now and let’s go!

“BRILLIANT!!! Courtney’s model for translating the multifaceted principles of corporate branding into a relevant platform for personal branding is genius.”

– Steve Ewing, President & CEO, Wade Ford



VIP Days are ‘THE BOMB’! A high-touch one-on-one coaching program for serious entrepreneurs with a strong idea you’re ready to explore market viability on,  validate, strategize through,  put an action plan in place and accelerate bringing your business idea to life.

A VIP Day is so much more than a day. It’s a five-hour day with me and three 45-minute follow-up coaching sessions.

Intentional entrepreneurs are committed to realizing their fullest potential and making a positive impact in the world by putting the right team in place to flawlessly execute.

With the high-touch strategy session and follow-ups, you’ll receive a VIP DAY; you’ll execute your business vision with clarity, confidence, and the know-how it deserves.

Do you have a strong business idea, but you’re not sure how to make it happen? Or, not sure where to start? Then VIP Day already has your name attached to it. Big dreams only work when you do!

Courtney’s insight and willingness to share and mentor so wholeheartedly on how to build my personal brand has been invaluable to me.

– Sonia Trimble, Author ~ Fit Happens:

Little Miss Healthy Pants 

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Is a self-paced online Mastercourse course where I teach a six-module online course that guides you step-by-step to take your business online.  The program walks you through the clarity, confidence, strategies, tools, and guidance you need to transform your expertise, experiences, passion, or influence into recurring revenue so that your business can impact the hundreds or thousands (or more) you’re capable of serving.

I created DIGITAL CEO SCHOOL to provide a roadmap that shortens the time it would take you to build a thriving brand and business.  I’m eager to give you the path of least resistance to help you pursue your mission by empowering you with the tools, guidance, and resources to create your most intentional business. As effortlessly as imaginable, I want to help you enjoy the freedom and finances to provide meaningful service in the world!

I want to share the insight I have not only survive in e-commerce but to thrive and sustain. This course was created to leave you with a crystal clear path and the most reliable roadmap to efficiently scale your digital platform.  I’ll teach you my brand it, believe it, package it, brand it, package it, sell it, and market it- methodology.

If you’re a new Digital CEO just starting, a seasoned entrepreneur revamping your brand, or you’re sick and tired of DIY’ing yourself through taking your business online We’re here to help.

Book your one-on-one session with Courtney now and let’s go!

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