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A VIP Day is for serious entrepreneurs with a great idea they’re ready to strategize through, put an action plan in place, and escalate bringing their big business ideas to life. Intentional entrepreneurs committed to realizing their fullest potential and making a positive impact in the world, don’t just dream about, they put together a team to make it happen. Brind your big business vision to life with confidence and the team you deserve. The grand idea was entrusted to you to make it happen-people need it and you need to be the one to make it happen. If you’re excited to move your vision from your mind and heart and bring it to life–I’m down for all of it.  We’ll spend a fun, intimate day strategizing, tweaking and putting a framework in place that gives you clarity, direction and the confidence to move forward. We’ll work together creating your strategic plan, tweaking your brand to attract the right people to your big business idea and lay out your plan of action. You’re ready for a strategic, action,  revenue and launch plans to create the programs, services, courses, platform or events your dream clients are waiting for? I’ve created the VIP Day to cater to and service you with all of that goodness. As your personal business building and marketing strategist for the day, best-practices and tactics we’ll use are the same adopted by Fortune 500 companies to successful start-ups.

VIP Days are fun but intense power-up sessions for serious entrepreneurs who are busting at the seems to go for it.  Truth is, once you get badass and courageous enough to start trusting in yourself and adding innovative ancillary revenue to your business, or launching a brand new one- the hardest part is done.  We’ll work through a clear concept, frame it out, detail action steps and create your revenue strategy.

Only spending time with my loves is more fulfilling to me than helping my clients put a framework and system in place to bring new and innovative ideas,  projects and new revenue streams to life. You have something important and valuable to offer to the world. There is a market that wants, needs or desire it (or, we won’t waste our time or your money). Let’s package it, brand it, market it and sell it.  You’ve already got the idea, rock those fears to sleep. It’s time for you to create the next disruptive, innovative, authentic and intentional business. Bang out your idea, put an action plan in place, nurture it with your magic and watch what happens.

VIP Days are dream opportunities for me to share my secret sauce with you in an intimate and creative way.  Imagine having the freedom, to share your wildest business dream in a confidential and supportive space. Then taking the idea and morphing it into a realistic starting place- based around where you are in your business and life. You’ll walk away knowing you’re on the path. Armed with a simple strategic plan, executable tactics and a brand concept that expresses the what, why and how to have your gift seen and heard in the world. Nothing fuels me quite like seeing the exuberance on a client’s face once they’ve peeled back the layers of stuff that’s been blocking them, their unicorn light glows all the way up!

During our one-on-one– expect to an energetic brainstorming, brain dumping,  post-it-notes having, calendar centric day of pulling your goals out of your head and putting an action-packed plan in place to make it profitable. You and I will roll up our sleeves up, put our unicorn capes on, and devise the master plan that’ll set your dream business into motion. After our six-hour intensive, you’ll have the clarity, direction, tools, and support you need to move your business goal forward with the heart, courage, hustle, support and the know how you need.


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  • A world-class strategy and plan
  • To monetize your idea
  • 100% customization
  • Launch in complete confidence


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      1. 1. How is the VIP Day different from other one-on-one VIP programs? My VIP clients gain access to my expertise and team for 3 months.
      2. 2. What support is given to VIP clients after the session? Two 45-minute follow-up calls
      3.      at around 30 and 60 days.
      4. 3. Is the VIP Day right for me? If you’re ready to elevate your business success (or new business idea)
      5.      to the next level,  you’re not afraid to put a real plan in place to do what it takes to
      6. achieve your business goals and you’re open to exploring innovative ways get
      7. things done…It’s perfect for you!
      8. 4. After our session will I be able to continue working with you? Yes, all of my programs, courses, and
      9. services will be available to you at 30% for 12-months.
      10. 5. What’s the investment for the Vip Day Session, where does it take place and how do I get started?
      11. $4495.00, they take place in Atlanta, Georgia. You can apply for a VIP Day by
      12. submitting this form.
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