Personal Branding Tips: Get Seen & Heard

Personal Branding Tips: Get Seen & Heard

Ageless Personal Branding Tips


It’s your time to scale your positive impact on the people whose lives you care about.

You’ve committed to using your experiences, story, personal style, and brand message to elevate people.

You want to share your voice, talents and your perspective with lots of people.

Great, so now what?

Be courageous, confident and consistently communicate your expertise, value and brand message. That’s the best recipe to get seen and heard.

I see your side-eye but it really is just that simple.

I know your story all too well.

Both your inner voice and the world nudges you to shine your magic.

When reflecting on your dreams, it does feel like the perfect time to leverage what you know to influence, inspire and empower the people yourself and the people you know your talents can serve.

Fuel Your Dreams With Your Personal Brand

There’s never been a better time to use your personal brand and voice to get your message seen and heard in a big way.

Long gone are the days of a few celebrities shaping the conversations, values, and ideals of the masses.

In today’s Digital Age, anyone with value to share with others, gifts they want to express and a desire to make a big impact can do so.

There’s nothing stopping you from using your expertise, essence and distinct style to build a personal brand around your magic and share that unique greatness in the world.

To put context around this personal branding talk, remember this, and thank me later.

One of the most impactful things you can do as a serious entrepreneur in our digitally engaged world is to build an authentic and recognizable personal brand. Click To Tweet

Then share who you are to as many of your ideal customers as possible and let them know you can help them.

Confidently Speak Your Truth

If you don’t recognize you’re that one of a kind type amazing don’t expect other people to see it.

You’ve got to own your own grandeur.

To do that, practice speaking confidently about your experiences, ideas, mission, ideas, and achievements.

There’s this old cliche, that some women aren’t as confident in their talents as men.

I believe it’s less about confidence and simply that we take our time preparing to speak our truth because or intuition we understand divine timing.

The truth about who we are, what’s important to us, what we’re working to accomplish and who we are committed to serving.

Since you have clear goals to accomplish get and remain comfortable sharing your voice to leverage your past successes for new ones.

Your experiences have given you wins and losses.

It’s the culmination of all your experiences, both the wins and losses that have shaped your perceptions and essence.

The uniqueness of your journey and how you communicate that with other people is what will differentiate you from everyone else in your niche.

Give your audience a crystal clear understanding of what makes you “you”.

Educate them about where you’ve been, what you’ve done and why they should give a damn. And of course, sprinkle in your swag and drizzle in your magic.

It’s impossible to establish credibility with your audience (and potential customers) if they have no idea about who you are.

So tell them where you’ve been, and what you’ve learned.

Share with them what you do, how you do it and who you do it for.

Then, the way that information and your vibe is absorbed by them directly shapes how they’ll resonate with you or not.

At the heart of personal branding, is how people perceived you based on how you leave them feeling and the reputation you’ve established.

So by being consistent in the things you do, you help your audience know what they can expect from you.

And over time, with a consistent reputation, distinct image and the consistency of messaging you share with others about yourself, a band is born.


Personal Branding Tips Get Seen And Heard


Universal Personal Branding Tips

Equipped with an identifiable personal brand, you should use your digital hub (website, blog, social platforms) to effectively message it and get your specific seen and heard.

Get it? Exactly, you’ve got this!

No matter who you are, your characteristics, values, experience, capabilities, passions, and style will form your reputation, intrinsic value, and vibe.

Just like reputations aren’t built in a week, neither are personal brands. Instead, it’s quite the contrary: You build your personal brand by the small but consistent behaviors, interests, and perspectives others experience from you over time.

“Personal branding is the disciple of people intentionally creating experiences, establishing a distinct image and nurturing a reputation in the minds of other people over time. Click To Tweet

To keep it simple, personal branding is a culmination of all your experiences and how you’re perceived by your audience.

Personal Branding will help you:

  • Establish a recognizable and favorable image of yourself to others
  • Choose distinct qualities about yourself to share in the world that makes you different from others
  • Create consistent and favorable on and offline experiences with the people who come in contact with you


Personal Branding Tips To Get Seen And Heard:


First, identify your ideal customer or audience.

Consider who you are and the most relevant things shaping your perspective.

What is that you do and exactly who you do it for?

Can you now pinpoint a single person that would most benefit from doing business with you?

Think about who’d get the most out of reading your book, following you on social media or consuming your content.

What do they look like, care about and dream of?

Connect the dots between the value of your expertise and the messages you share in the world.

For example, I help ‘solopreneurs’ and new entrepreneurs build authority; package, brand, market and sell their expertise online. 

To reinforce that, I mentor emerging revolutionaries to build their platform, grow their reputation and leverage their expertise. 

For more on finding your niche and ideal customer click here to read, How To Identify Your Niche.

Make it Clear Who You Serve 


Once you know who your personal brand is committed to serving and you’ve decided on your niche, create content and share messages that’ll attract those exact people.

You’ve built and packaged your digital hub, expertise, and greatness to help others.

Use your digital hub and online presence: Your website, blog, social media platforms, and article submission sites (like Haro) to build a community of like-minded people.

Take advantage of the opportunity to flex and let your little light shine.

Don’t just regurgitate information.

Instead, use the energy, essence, and specialness of your personal brand to share content that emotionally appeal and connect with your ideal customer.

Distinguish yourself from everyone else vying for your audience’s time, attention and money, by engaging them with they spend time online with you.

Create A Communication Strategy


Plan and create a communication strategy and share content with your tribe from the social media platforms you’re most comfortable with.

As you work through your plan, decide how often you’ll share it, and which topics you’ll explore.

My preference for online entrepreneurs selling their expertise is to start with your website or blog and an email list, and then share it on your social media.

I’m a big component of social media however, you don’t have control over how your social posts get distributed.

Every social media platform has algorithms that don’t necessarily support giving you access to all your followers.

Since you don’t own your social following and have no control over how many of your followers will see your posts or tweets, posting from your own website or blog is valuable in two ways.

First, it gives you a digital home that you can send your social media followers to and collect their names and email for your own personal use.

Secondly, it gives you a hub that you own to house all of your content and reinforce your personal brand.

Keep in mind,  once someone opt-ins for a resource on your website in exchange for their name and email, you own the data.

It’s yours to use how you choose, and it gives you complete control of how often connect with your tribe with an email or through a blog post.

If you don’t have a website or blog, which I highly recommend, but only once you have a legit business plan with revenue goals.

Specifically, I’m talking about a banging business plan and a clear path to monetizing your business.

And, if you need help with a business plan, of course, I’ve got you.

Snag the Ultimate Brand & Business Building Plan for free below.


Brand & Business Opt In

Share Your Brand Messages


You may not have a  business website or blog yet, but don’t sweat. Use LinkedIn, and at least two other social channels to start getting your message out.

On a weekly or a rather consistent basis, schedule content to crank out.

The more free, but valuable information you share with your audience, the sooner you’ll build credibility and establish authority with them.

Think about where the majority of the people in your audience are hanging out online.

Which social channels they’re on?

Wherever they are, drop your content there.

Oh, and don’t just post and be a ghost.

Spend time to respond to them, make comments and be social with them, it is social media.

Engage with your followers, it’ll go a long way in building a deeper connection with them.

Keep your brand messages targetted to the people that it matters most to.

Your goal as an online entrepreneur is to strengthen and reinforce your personal brand, use these personal branding tips to d that.

To keep personal branding simple, commit to the reputation, images, expertise, and brand messages you want to lead your brand.

Then create and share content that’ll cultivate rewarding experiences with your audience.

Embrace Fluidity In Your Personal Brand


Allow your personal brand to be fluid, and have fun with it.

Your brand will continue to evolve and grow.

As you move further along your entrepreneurship and leadership journey, there’ll be new and exciting experiences that’ll advance your expertise.

That growth will continually direct how you should best share your genius in the world.

At that point, acknowledge that you’ve come along way.

Celebrate that you’ve learned a thing or two and continue to be more badass in the future.

The world needs to know what you know right now, and exactly who you want to serve with it.

There are hundreds, thousands or more people waiting for that special gift you’ve got to share in the world.

What personal branding strategies are you using, or will start using to get your talents seen and heard now?