How To Avoid Top Online Marketing Mistakes

How To Avoid Top Online Marketing Mistakes

Dodge Online Marketing Mistakes


As a Digital CEO making mistakes are inevitable.

No matter how much business insight, experiences, strategies, secrets and shortcuts you’ll learn, you’re going make mistakes in your business.

Some seasoned entrepreneurs make online marketing mistakes on a daily basis.

I tell my daughter, “You’ve got to learn from your own unique experiences and there are some lessons that I can’t save you from.

The very same wisdom holds true in business

I’ve observed from working with hundreds of brands and business of all sizes (traditional and online ones) there are proven marketing and sales strategies and promotional concepts that consistently work well for an online business.

As with everything, there are some things that won’t go over as well, no matter how you position or spin it.

Dismiss The Rookie Mistakes


I commit to sharing with you small easily digestible nuggets of insight for you at every chapter your business journey.

I’m not naive enough to think everything works for every business or in every phase of business.

So while the biggest online marketing mistake I see, I refer to as ‘a rookie mistake’ truth be told, it’s a great concept for any online business to remember and adhere to.

Whether you’re a rookie or a vet, don’t get caught guilty of the following online marketing crimes!

As Maya Angelou dropped the gem, and I’ve often repeated, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

So here’s the deal, this first rookie mistake is a costly one. But if you haven’t made it, kudos to you.

If you have, it’s okay, just promise yourself you’ll never, eva do it again!


Again if you’ve made it or was planning to, don’t.

Instead, pivot and readjust.

If you’ve never done it, lift your prettiest champagne flute to the sky and thank the good Lord.


How To Avoid Top Online Marketing Mistakes



The #1 Online Marketing Mistake- Not Speaking Your Dream Customer’s Language


The biggest marketing mistake to avoid is writing and speaking using too much professionalism or industry jargon.

The dream client you're trying to attract has to understand exactly what you're saying, and your words must resonate with them. Click To Tweet

If not, you’ve lost them.

As your ideal customer is relaxing and scrolling through their social feeds, most times they’re in a chill mode.

They’re there to get their minds off of what they really should be doing (like work- haha!).

They’re ready to be social (hence-social media) or scrolling by habit to see what’s happening.


No ONE goes to social media and says, “Let me see what online coach, consultant or expertise I can give my money to today.”

The sad truth, your dream customers is likely not actively looking for you or your amazing service.

They May Not Know They Want or Need It


We all have dreams for our lives right?

There are things you’d like to do and achieve one day. Those thoughts and goals loosely linger in your mind, but they’re not always top of mind for you.

Because of that, It’s uncommon for folks to actively search for the newest online coaching program, fitness expert, social media guru, photographer, blogger, author or course creator program or service.

Listen, I wish that was the case, but It’s not!

Online shoppers of courses, programs, and services often make purchases driven by aspiration. Click To Tweet

But, our aspirations, dreams, and ideals aren’t always at the forefront of our priority.

There are millions of people who may want what your business offers even though they’re not actively seeking out a solution.

So what can you do to aspire them?

Use your messaging to remind your dream customers about their own goals and speak to them in a way that uses the words they'd use to explain their own ambitions. Click To Tweet

Your communication messages can be used to remind them what they want and need.

Reignite the fire in them and let them know you’re there to help them to solve their problem, meet their need or fulfill that unfilled desire they’re carrying around.



Because if you are the one to breath new life into their dreams, goals or aspiration they’ll certainly give you the opportunity to earn their business.

No one is waving their Amex in the digital ‘webisphere’ begging you to swipe it, but you can be the one to inspire other people into action.

And to get started doing that, simply speak to your customers in their language.

Inform, inspire or educate your audience, because once they know, like and trust you, you can secure the bag.


You Must Earn Their  Attention


No one signs up to be chastised by the expert who knows everything and sits on her pedestal and judges them.

If you want to earn your customers attention and dollars, celebrate and serve them.

Communicate with them how you’ve been where they are and want to help them reach their goals.

Learn as much as you can about them, and regurgitate their very own dreams and goals to them.

There are lots of other people and brands vying for their attention, time and money.

But, so what? None of them offer exactly what you do and in the way you do it!

If you want their attention and money, come correct, check your ego and show them you’re down for them.

Big brands spend millions of dollars on marketing research to understand the best strategies and communication methods to reach your folks.


Observe How The Big Brands Do It


Research some of the mega brands targetting the same people you are and pay attention to how they’re speaking to them.

They understand that people do business with things they feel a deep resonance and connection to.

Keeping that in mind, and as the savvy modern marketer you’re becoming, adopt the strategies of the big brands.

It’s simple and fairly easy.

Instead of using your language, communicate your brand’s messages to your ideal customer using their own words and language.

Makes sense right?

If you speak to your dream customers in their own language, using their own social influences and layman terms they’ll understand exactly what you’re saying.

Remember this, you’re the one with experience your field and now you’re helping your tribe achieve their goals.

What better way than using their own distinct language, lingo and catch phrases to get their attention and to build trust with them?

And once you’ve got their attention, use the open dialogue to move your online conversation forward with them.

If your dream client doesn't clearly understand what you're saying or appreciate the value it can bring them, they won't buy it. #womenbiz #digitalentrepreneur #bizadvice #copywriting Click To Tweet

Why Should They Care


You've created or sourced something valuable you know your dream client would love, educate them about it. Click To Tweet


Use their very personal language in your marketing messages to capture their attention and connect with their hearts.

Again, it’s your job to communicate to them exactly how you can help them and why they should care.

Because remember, we don’t all work around with our dream and goals top of mind.

Once you do your research, you’ll know a lot about your ideal customer, her hopes, dreams and what she’s inspired by.

You get where I’m going.

When you use her exact words to address her aspirations in your messaging your ideal customer know you’re talking to her.

As if your messages were created just for her, and she’ll hear you.

Once you connect the dots between what you’re offering and what that means to her, you’ve grown your tribe.

That’s right, be the conduit that connects the dots between her dreams and your products or services.


Use Your Marketing Messages To Connect The Dots


Your dream customer has a problem, an unmet need or an unfulfilled desire.

Use your marketing messages to let her know you’ve listened to her and have created a solution for her.

Reinforce to her that you understand her and you’ve cultivated the perfect solution for her problem or figured out a way to help her meet the need of her desire.

In the Ultimate Brand & Business Building Plan, I explore this in the Ideal Customer and Growing Your Tribe sections.

You can download The Plan free here or below.


Brand & Business Opt In


Now What?


We’ve established your dream customers aren’t perusing the internet thinking, ‘Who can I find to provide me with some mental training for women in career transition?

A more likely thought floating in her mind may be, “What the heck am I going to do with my career? How can I make more money and do something I care about? I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of this job.”

See the difference?

Your ideal customer has problems, dreams, and aspirations floating in her mind.

Let her know, clearly communicate to her you’ve got something for her and get some emotion stirring within her.

I have loved having my clients and students create brand banks that start with taking a deep dive into their ideal customer’s minds, hearts and ambitions.

They get really clear on the exact words and phrases to use in all their messaging and copy to reassure they speak directly to the heart of their prospects.

Practice doing the same.

Get Your Ideal Customers To Know, Like And Trust You


Because until that happens, they’ll never buy from you.

Keep your marketing messages focused on your ideal customers and their needs.

They care less about you (don’t take it personally) and more about how you can help them reach their own goals.

They’ll scan what you say and quickly make a decision if they’re interested in playing with online.

Make it easy for them to get exactly who you are, who you serve and why they should care.

Keep your marketing messages targetted to the needs of your ideal customers and consistently provide them with valuable information and content that informs, inspires or entertains them.

You’ve got this!

I’d love to hear from you and what’s been the biggest rookie mistake you’ve made in your business? What was the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far and what tips do you have for your fellow ‘Revolutionaries’ from your business experience?