How To Attract Your Online Community

How To Attract Your Online Community

Attract Your Online Community + Level Up


Here’s the skinny on running a profitable online business. You need a game plan that consistently works to attract a tribe of like-minded people.

And when I say like-minded, I’m talking about other people who view what you do or offer as valuable.
A tribe of folks who are interested in the topics your expertise, brand, and business talk about and create content around.
It could be, they’ve got a passion, interest or even a problem in your area of specialty.
Maybe they’re trying to break into your field and admire what you’ve done.
Regardless of the reason, there are droves of people online who could become a reader of your blog, a follower on your social channels, and a customer.
Some of them could be thought leaders in your industry or other professionals you can collaborate with, while others will have more aspirational motives.
They could have a need for exactly what you sell, or have within their own network or online community people who’d benefit from what you’re offering.
These are the folks, who’ll not think twice about sending other people your way and openly support you.
No secret, but truthfully easier said than done, a vital thing you must learn to do well as an online entrepreneur, is to build an online community and attract new people who find it worthy to connect with you, buy your offers and be a part of what you’re doing.
Let’s put it out there.
There’s a weird myth that suggests,  entrepreneurs who only work with one-on-one clients don’t need to invest much time into building an online community.
FALSE. That’s a limited mindset.

The Internet Is A ‘Goal’ Mine

With 4.4 billion active Internet users you’re missing out if you’re not online reinforcing and growing your brand in some form.
Most online entrepreneurs understand the untapped potential to attract a community, build trust with that audience and get clients from online.
The opportunity exists for all businesses.
Different industries and niches require different strategies and approaches but every opportunity to get your brand more targetted eyeballs adds to your bottom line success.
I also (side-eye me if you want to) don’t buy into the idea of needing to work one-on-one before you can create and sell a profitable online course, program or package.
I totally disagree, but some people need the comfort level of having the one-on-one experience.  So certainly do what feels right for you.
Actually, most of us spend way too much time working with one-on-one clients before scaling our expertise and transitioning into becoming Digital CEOs.
A part of that naturally comes from the lack of confidence we feel in transferring traditional business skills into an online entrepreneurial process and mindset.
What a great idea for another post, but let me address this part now.

Pros & Cons Of One-On-One Work 

When you do work one-on-one you learn a lot of helpful information about what works for your individual niche and clients.
The in-depth information you learn about their businesses, industries, goals, and challenges is invaluable. However, you limit the amount of money you can make and the impact you can have.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, as long as you’re fulfilled with the job you’re doing.
The shift for me came when I wanted to do more, have more impact and yes, and make more money.
Because there is only one me, or at least, I’m convinced so.
I had to change up the way I ran my business.
And, it has certainly had its place in my life and I’m grateful.
BUT NEXT, bigger goals, bigger dreams, and more impact called.
The beautiful truth is, the Internet isn’t going anywhere.
The way we do business as Americans and women continue to shift.
We have more options, more online business choices, and more niched down niches.
consumers can be real bourgeois, they’re now in a position to extremely specific about exactly what they want and from whom they’ll do business with.
That’s so dope! At the click of your mouse, you have the opportunity to not only purchase services and products custom made for your specific desires and needs but the hand select people to support in business who share similar values and social impact goals with you.
That’s the real force for change. Empowering ourselves and others like us.
Now hold up!
The even saucier news is if you’re not targetting the geriatric demo your audience and potentials buyers are all kicking in online.
Yes, love, they’re on the web and on social media in droves!
So what are you going to do with that?

Your Business Has Options

Which means you have some options and big choices to make.
Either take full advantage of the growing technology and monies being spent online, build your own engaged online community and change the trajectory of your business and if consistent, your life.
Yeah, it’s that’s serious.
Or, you can dabble in it.
Spend money shopping buying other people’s products and services and wishing you had a profitable way to take advantage of online commerce.
I’d suggest you don’t let procrastination or a lil’ fear get the best of you.
I know you won’t because it would be tragic if you succumbed to fear or procrastination and not give your business a real chance to play big in online commerce space.
Since everybody, their daughter, mother, and grandma are on the web,  you can absolutely make a splash and secure your bag.
BUT, you’ve got to play this online business game to win!
No sweat, cause what The Digital CEO Revolution (if you haven’t join now, we go live in May) is all about helping each other to win, and do it BIG!
how to attract your online community


Basic Doesn’t Work 

So don’t even think about a basic web presence, a blog and a random rant post from your Facebook and Twitter account.
Or- just using Instagram to update us about your dog Snoopy.
That is unless you’re running a vet, selling dog clothes or supplies or have a rescue of some sort happening.
I love dogs and I love great clever graphics and all the baseline things some online entrepreneurs do.
Unfortunately, those things don’t excite and attract an online community, or ever equate to sales.
I’ll let you in on a little secret, you love Snoopy, that’s your responsibility!  He’s cute and you should give your audience a glimpse into your authentic life.
Snoopy is apart of that, but not every day. Your audience wants more, their time is valuable and there’s a lot competing for their time when they’re online.
The only thing separating you from everyone else in your market, and your particular niche is YOU.
Your personal brand (to reach more on personal branding, check out, Personal Branding Tips: Get Seen And Heard here).
Here’s tough love and tribe building truth.
The online business market is flooded with content about everything, with many different voices, values, social causes and decisions of who to work with and buy from in every industry imaginable.
Yes, consumers have tremendous options to choose where and who to buy from.
And the only thing separating you from everyone else in your market, and your particular niche is YOU, babe.

Play To Win

Now we’re on the same page.
You’ve decides that you’re going to be a real player in this online game.
You want to take your brand message and the value you bring to the marketplace steroid style.
To attract a tribe of like-minded people, you must be authentic, provide something valuable, and actively engage for your audience.
Sounds like a lot, oh but the reward is so succulent!
Just to be crystal clear, like VVS1 Flawless Diamond clarity – like VVS!
Your goal is to commit yourself to build an online tribe of like-minded people.
This means identifying, reaching out to and nurturing a relationship using your content, ideas, wisdom and perspective to make and engage with internet friends.
These are the people online who will appreciate your thought-leadership, who you can inspire, influence or impact. T
They want to know your journey, ideas, share your ideas, and tips. They’re online seeking solutions to problems, looking for new insight and information and other unicorns collaborate with them.
Similar to your real life relationship with friends, you want to attract Internet friends who value you and the distinct style, voice, value, and expertise you bring to spark online conversations.
Some of the peeps will join your tribe, consume your content, get to know like and know you and turn to buyers.
Others will become some supporters, brand ambassadors, and collaborators: All like-minded.

Get In Formation

Cause who needs Internet friends that aren’t formation?!
No one!
You’re the leader of the tribe.
You invite, entertain and host the people who show up to your Internet party.
Make them feel warm inside about showing up for you, and get them excited to support and hear from you.
They won’t see the world exactly like you, but they should certainly have similar values, goals, and aspirations.
And just like real friendships take work, so does online ones. I know, I too struggle to see my friends in real life, but I make it happen.
No getting around it, building a community of anything is about the relationship.
A healthy, balanced, respectable give and take exchange.
Real relationships are NOT created by being annoying, ‘salesy’ or aggressive.
Instead, they’re built and strengthened on genuinely listening and authentically responding which creates connectivity and a sense of belonging.
A community is created around two or more people finding mutual value.
That value looks different for every relationship, but it could come in the form of advice, insight or entertainment.
What it’s absolutely not, is you showing up online only when you have something to sell.
Ever had a friendship or boyfriend who zapped the life outta you?
Where no matter what – when they left you felt drained and exhausted.
I have and there’s nothing fun about it.
No one signs up to be zapped by an energy vampire on or offline.
That could be as simple as sharing a small nugget of insight or information with them or simply leaving them with a smile on their face or a provoking thought to ponder.

Attract Your Online Community With Fab Content

The difference between your in-person friends and your online ones is you probably don’t sell things to your friends in real life.
Most likely you never do, and that’s a good thing.
So yes, there’s also an important balance between connecting and providing genuine value to your online community and selling.
The goal is not to sell so much on social media.
Give them insight into your professional and personal life.
And when you do decide to sell, they won’t be annoyed because a genuine connection has already been established.
At that point, your audience will be genuinely interested in you and what you’ve got going on.

Marketing Online

Which brings me to this truth about marketing online: It follows the same disciplines, principles, and best practices of marketing offline.
You build a valuable and good product or service.
Identify your audience and niche.
Understand everything you can about them.
Establish a strong marketing and sales channel.
Package and market the product or service in a way that appeals to the smallest viable portion of the market (super niche).
Apply the insight you learned about your market to communicate with them in ways that connect the dots between your product or service and their needs and desires.
Make the sales process an easy and simple experience.
Provide great customer service.
Do goodwill.
Rinse and repeat.

Boss Up Your Content Strategy

You’re not going to learn everything about attracting your online community today, but you will understand what it means and how to put the right foundation in place.

Here is the most important strategy that’ll keep you on track to attract the online community you deserve.
In order to build a vibrant, engaged and connected online community,  create and share content targetted to their specific interests and needs.
Bottom line, end of discussion. Point blank.
 Ok, maybe not the end of the discussion, but…. you get it. Valuable content is the magnet that’ll attract your online community to your brand and business.
Curate and share information that’ll pique their interest and show them you know what the heck you’re talking about.
Great content reinforces your credibility in your specialty and will get people hyped to buy into your concepts, methodologies, and special way of doing things.
Relevant content validates to your tribe that you’re products and services were built, sourced or created by someone who knows what they’re doing.
It’ll solidify what you know and share.
Bossing up your content strategy will not only reinforce your credibility but also help you to establish the like, know and trust factor with your tribe.

Galvanize Your Ideal Customers

The more consistently you create and relevant content with your audience the more convinced they become that you know, understand and care about their needs.
It shows them, that you understand their lives and aspirations and genuinely want to help them.
By putting content that informs, educates or aspires your online community, you stay top of mind with them.
They’re continuously reminded you’ve been where they’re at, and you’ve created a viable solution to move them towards something they’re aspiring towards or want.
Also, it gives you a platform to fully express yourself using your personal brand and reinforce that self-expression within your content.
This is important since you are the biggest variable that helps people in your market decide if they want to do business with you or your competition.
It connects your audience with the real and authentic person behind the keyboard.
And it reiterates to them that you’re a genuine person who understands them as a real person.
Relevant content gives people a valid reason to believe in you and your business and connects them to your mission.
Again use your content to reinforce with your audience why they should do business with you, recommend you to their friends, or introduce you to their community. T
What more can you ask for?

Call In Your Online Tribe

In The Ultimate Brand & Business Building Plan, there’s an entire section in the 8 steps to more impact and income that under Growing Your Tribe that covers List Building, Social Media plus a Sales & Marketing Strategy. Grab it right below now.


Brand & Business Opt In

Make sure your content is worth sharing and targetted to attract the online tribe you want.
Create specific content you know your audience will appreciate and get on a schedule to consistently share it from your website, blog and social channels that:
  • Are based around content themes and topics of the products or services you’re selling.
  • Have your personal spin, methodologies or approach. Stamp it with your own magic.
  • Was created specifically for your ideal customer and their needs, desires or aspirations (it’s not for you).
  • Shows your personal brand will be approachable, engaging and efficient and a pleasure to work with.
  • Is worth sharing, referencing and coming back to as a valuable resource
  • Share the social causes, values, movements that you care about
You know the drill, let’s chop it more about how to attract your online community below.
What challenges or ideas have you that found work best for creating dope content to attract your online community?