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Personal Branding + Brand Building+ Selling On Social + Digital Footprints are topics I offer engaging workshops, breakout or strategy sessions, and keynotes within these specialties:

 Personal Branding In The Digital Age | Online Business Building | Media Training  | Building Your Digital Footprint|  The Power of Social Media | Becoming A Digital CEO

I welcome my next opportunity to engage entrepreneurs, influencers, organizations, and students interested in the best practices of online branding and business building in the ever-evolving Digital Age.


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Never before have I felt so inspired to use my experiences and voice to inform and inspire the people and causes dear to me. Every opportunity I’m given, I invite my audience to join me on that journey.  Sharing my insight, story, and perspective to inform, empower, and connect from a common ground of empowerment and education gives me life. As an experienced workshop facilitator and speaker, I lead conversations for diverse audiences. During staple talks, I discuss how using the principles of branding, digital marketing, social media insights, and trends can push agendas forward in revolutionary ways.  Using a story-telling delivery, interjecting relevant backstories, professional expertise, and organizational insight; my talks are customized to align with the goals for the event.

I challenge myself to be charismatic, engaging, and authentic. My style shares easily digestible snippets of information snuggled between an identifiable beginning, middle, and end.

From hosting interviews on BrandistaTV, giving interviews on personal branding on WXIA-TV, hosting the Dream Big Conference, and delivering personal branding in our Digital Age talks and discussions at conferences like Massachusetts Women Conference, National Association of Black Journalists Conference, The Pink Power,  Public Relations Society of America Regional  Conference, BeBlogalicous, Congressional Black Caucus Conference, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Conference among others; I’m eager to use the art of conversation to move ideas, concepts and agendas forward.

Looking for an energetic speaker to present a brand building, personal branding, marketing,  or social media in our Digital Age talk? I’m that girl.


Courtney did an exceptional job helping the women of color who attended the event navigate the process of self-belief and building confidence. She shared that recognizing her value and building confidence in her ability to accomplish the goals she set out for herself was the key to her success. I left the luncheon recognizing that self-doubt has often been the sole barrier in going after the dreams I have for my personal, social and professional life. I am grateful that Courtney took time out of her visit to Iowa to share her insight and experiences to tell a group of women that they are valued and play an important role in shaping the future for generations of women that come after us.


– Mira Mustafa, University of Iowa Student



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Are you an author, course creator, blogger, podcaster, coach or change-maker ready to grow your influence, impact, and income online? Whether launching a new online product, problem or service online store, course, programs, book, blog or one-on-one services or reviving an old one, I’d love to help you. leverage your personal experiences, unique story or passion to monetize and scale online. If you’re from the media, a conference or have a speaking request, include the dates with your requirements

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