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Strategy + 


Having a real strategy for you to reach your business goals is the smartest thing you commit to as an entrepreneur. Fabulous design, the right message to the right people at the right places is the lifeblood of your business. What you say and do reflect how the world will view you and what you’re offering. Our One-On-One Coaching: Level-Up provides you a customized approach to brand and business building coaching. 

Business-Building Truth

  Everything you do and message in your business reflects the essence and uniqueness of your brand. It helps you position yourself as a leader in your niche while supporting your marketing and sales efforts.  A great strategy, with a great online presence and a high-converting lead and sales funnel is what it take to effectively highlight your credibility, brand style, message, and unique business value. 

You’re a successful business owner or you’re banking on becoming one soon. One-on-one brand and business building coaches offer you business strategy insight and guidance to help you decide on the best strategy and approach to reach your business goals. 

Truth is, there are intricate parts to promoting your programs, products, and services into a thriving business. A bomb strategy, great brand messaging, a high-converting lead and sales system and superb design. None of them alone will do much for converting your curious followers into customers. A business foundation and digital presence are both important.  YES, a beautiful digital home that reflects your brand, features your unique craft and captures your own personal swag is a must in brand-building.  But having a rock-solid business strategy and a roadmap to reach your goals is just as important. 

Maybe you’re confident in your expertise,  you understand your niche and you’re ready to level up the way you share your ‘fabulousity ‘in the world.  Maybe not yet. Either way, allow your fairy brand mothers to help you do that. I’d love to join forces with you to offer one-on-one business coaching customized to your needs. Whether you need one or several coaching calls, a step-by-step launch strategy or strategic plan; or you want a new or revamped website that mirrors your greatness.  I’m here to guide you through the process.

Our top priority is to help you create the business model that is both effective in converting leads into sales and that is an online home that ‘s reflective of your vibe, reinforces your credibility,  engages your visitors and converts visitors into customers.

In today’s Digital Era, one of the best investments you can make to fuel the success of your business. Let us help you elevate your brand, business, and bank account by booking A LEVEL UP COACHING SESSION.  LEVEL UP YOUR STRATEGY. YOUR WEBSITE + ONLINE SWAG.  Or, just get the clarity and guidance you need to move forward. 

the breakdown


Coaching Brand Discovery

Together we’ll identify what your business coaching needs are, and customize a plan for your business if we’re a good fit. 

Brand Identity

Under your direction, we’ll level up and elevate your brand with a unique voice, tone and visual identity that reflect your brand and business. 

Web Development

Bring commerce a click away. We’ll build a brand-building, lead-generating online hub that works to convert visitors into sales 24-7 with built-in SEO and an integrated sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Setup

Take advantage of the 500 billion dollars being spent in the US in online commerce. We’ll create your website with the fully integrated sales funnel. CHA-CHING!

Social Media

Extend your brand’s reach and fluidity online through social media marketing. We’ll create three Social Media templates designed with your new brand identity. 


LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! We’ll provide you with our secret sauce content and launch strategy to get your new brand seen and heard online. Plus, you’ll get a step-by-step back end tutorial for  your website. 


Our Latest Work

View some of our most recent website and brand design projects.  

social media

CLient love

“”We have absolutely LOVED working with Courtney Rhodes – she came highly recommended to us from a colleague – and from our first conversation with her about our business, we knew she was going to be an incredible asset to help us grow – She has created a beautiful website for us as well as running our advertising campaigns – there has never been a time she has not been available to us, answering all our emails and questions immediately and being an awesome asset – we could not do it without her!”


Theresa Southerland

Bella Figlia Designs, Co-Owner

“Life changing magic to find brand clarity! Authentic and inspirational go-to guide, to be crystal clear on what your personal brand is all about and communicating the essence of your story.”

Priscila Lima

The Armini Bar, Owner

Working with Courtney is always a pleasure as she brings not only her branding expertise, but also her positive energy and vision.  She is an invaluable asset to any project or team.”

Dina Marto

Twelve Music Studios, Owner

Attract Your Online Community

 Leveling Up…

Fear not a powerful one, everything you need is already inside of you. It comes a time in every revolutionary woman’s life when she recognizes her magic and steps into the power of her higher self to fully embrace the purpose of her life. At that moment, the whole world conspires to support her in her becoming and nothing can stop her.

Welcome to that time. Proudly wear the crown, welcome leadership and enjoy operating from your highest level of brilliance, authenticity, and purpose. Have fun, be bold, be fearless, be purposeful, be of service but most importantly, be everything you’ve ever dreamt you were born to be! 

The investment

Level Up: One-On-One Coaching (30-Min Discovery Call) $150.00



The investment


Level Up, Level Up, Level Up…Let’s Do This!

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