3 Traits Of Successful Women Entrepreneurs

3 Traits Of Successful Women Entrepreneurs

The Impact Of Successful Women Entrepreneurs 

Successful women entrepreneurs own 4 out of every ten business or 40% of American companies.

Women are starting over 1,800 new businesses every day, and roughly 30% of remote companies have women CEOs or female owners.

Women continue to be badass in shaping the American economy and empowering themselves and their communities.

Top those stats off with the fact that women entrepreneurs and female-owned businesses employ 8% of the private-sector workplace. These girl bosses bring about 4.3 % of total revenue into the economy.

That’s big, but if the future is going to be female, there’s a lot more space of the American pie that must belong to women.

No question, successful women entrepreneurs are unicorns at solving problems, revolutionizing the way things get done. Women leaders are doing their part to create jobs, mentor their teams, push for diversity, and spur economic growth.

Successful Women Entrepreneurs Commit

The elephant is this dialogue is that a lot of women start new blogs and new businesses every day, but few commit to growing them and driving prosperity.

Why is there a significant gap in the number of girl bosses launching and those following through to success?

The answer is part seems obvious, but it’s also complicated.

While 40% of businesses belong to successful women entrepreneurs, let’s not overlook the challenges women entrepreneurs are facing to make it in that 40%.

Women entrepreneurs are increasingly embracing their entrepreneurial spirit and that a beautiful thing. More and more women want to use their experiences, talents, passion, and ideas to serve the world and make a more massive impact.

We must do our part to educate ourselves and do the work it takes on the front-end to assure our business dreams are supported and built to succeed.

Successful Women Entrepreneurs Do Homework

The more you know, the further you'll go into business. New women entrepreneurs, do all your must business building homework. Click To Tweet

Study the stories and business models of successful women entrepreneurs and businesses similar to yours.

Take an intimate look at the obstacles they’ve faced and learn what is working and what didn’t work so well.

Women are nurtures, and there are thousands of stories, articles, and blog posts about successful women entrepreneurs.

Educate yourselves on how to put the right business model, tools, and resources in place to get your business off to a great start, and positioned to facilitate growth.


Women-Owned Businesses Are Powerful

As more an more women take advantage of the incredible opportunity, the Digital Age presents, and the opportunity for economic growth by women entrepreneurs, our future looks mighty bright.

To begin, examine five traits of successful women entrepreneurs and challenge yourself to adopt them.

The first one, I know, is by far the most important. No matter how smart you are, or talent you have, if you don’t believe in yourself and your ability to do something, you won’t.

Henry Ford said it best, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t you’re right.”

Read that again, and hold it dear to your business dream.

Self-Belief Is The Top Trait Of Successful Women Entrepreneurs

If you don’t believe in your ability to make things happen, everything else is reasonably irrelevant in business.

What you know, who you know and what ideas you have to carry little weight compared to your belief in what you can do.

You’ve got first to have unwavering, passionate belief and knowing that your business idea and your ability to execute on it is going to happen.

When you’re chatting with your hubby,  BFF, or even an investor about your new business, the energy, excitement, and confidence should lead the conversation.

Energy is contagious, and nothing is more impressive and telling than meeting an entrepreneur and sensing their excitement and passion for their blog or business.

And sure, doubt is human emotion? But, self-doubt can’t be your norm if you’re expecting to win.

You’ll only accept what you expect!

You have your business dream because deep down, you know you can do it.

Don’t let societal norms, the way you grew up or your limited self-talk allow you to self destruct your dreams.


Confidence For The Win

In exchange for self-doubt, successful women entrepreneurs work out their confidence muscles.

As I shared in my book, Personal Branding Through On- Purpose Living, “Confidence, even among experts, can waver. It’s natural to find yourself confident at one thing but not so confident at other things. The key to building confidence is to practice projecting confidence until you master it.

The more you prove to yourself that you’re an authentic, valuable, capable, evolving, and malleable being, the more confidence musculature you’ll build.

Studies suggest confidence is one of the top characteristics both men and women find the most attractive in one another.

It’s considered more important than skill, knowledge, or experience to some hiring managers. Confidence can set you apart from others, sometimes even more qualified candidates.

According to one study, portraying confidence translates into you being competent.

There is no doubt; your level of confidence plays a significant role in how far you’ll go in pursuit of your life goals.

As it’s often said, a successful person was afraid and did it anyway, while the unsuccessful person allowed fear to stop him.

Fear is the biggest dream stealer of all time, but it often never delivers.

But how do you build the confidence you need to muster the courage to pursue your business dream with confidence. Because we know, success is what breeds real confidence.

The more success you find in working towards and in your business, the more confidence you’ll have to keep going.

Persistence For Postive Results

The Little Engine That Could is one of my all-time fave, American fairytales.

Few stories through the ages have eloquently depicted the story of optimism and hard work,  in spite of difficulty or opposition like The Little Engine That Could.

For successful women entrepreneurs, persistence is their nature. Click To Tweet

It’s the spirit gumption that drives them when things are going quite the way their business plan suggested.

On a side note, speaking of business plans, grab The Ultimate Brand & Business Building Plan here. It’s a great free business planning resource I created to help you level your business plan up.

Brand & Business Opt In


Starting your new blog or new business venture is one thing, keeping it going until it finds success requires persistence.

Throughout my career, one thing became certain early on, and I wasn’t built to be an employee. The second I realized that I had to persistent so that no matter what I could make my dream business to do things my way.

To be a successful businesswoman, you must be willing to persist no matter what.  When challenges face you, and things do go as plan, learn to stop. Take a deep breath, figure out the best way forward, and keep ongoing.

Girl Bosses Will Face Challenges

When you decide to do something bigger with your life, experiences, talents, and passions to serve others and make more impact, challenges happen.

But you can handle it.

Educate yourself about as much as you can to position your brand and business to become successful.

Commit to plan and work your magic.

Trust me, it’s a process, and it will always be, that’s the nature of leadership.

There are days I wake up, and I can’t believe I ‘created this life.

Other days, I want to cry with overwhelm.

No matter what each day as a proud women entrepreneur, I redirect the self-limiting beliefs as soon as they try to sneak in.

I put on my confidence armor and recommit to be persistent daily.

What success mindset or tools are you using on your entrepreneur journey? Drop me a line below, let’s talk about it.