Why Brand Yourself And Your Business

Why Brand Yourself And Your Business

Ready To Brand Yourself?

You’re a courageous woman, and it’s time to brand yourself and your business intentionally.

Adjust your crown and say bye-bye to the ‘hide and seek’ game.

If your target audience can’t see you and your business, how will it grow at scale?

What are you doing to leverage the economic potential of a brand that is visible to the masses?

Historically, women are less comfortable being seen in the spotlight than their male counterparts.

Some women embrace the idea that personal branding is taboo.

Let’s be clear ladies, don’t buy into that expensive branding misconception and instead, get in branding formation.

You have an online presence and a personal brand.

People are online for an average of six hours a day, and they’re googling and social media stalking people and things they’re curious around.

Ask yourself: ‘How am I being seen, and is it authentic?”

Shape Your Brand’s Narrative

Take control of your brand and create a reputation that exudes authenticity, credibility, and trust.

A strong personal brand begins when you embrace your authenticity and share your strengths. Click To Tweet

Use your brand’s foundation to build trusted relationships with your audience.

Get your views, story, and ideas shared to the masses.

Build resonance and connection with other people who relate to you.

I’ve worked in my marketing practice for nine years, men are more eager to share their perspectives, and I see this firsthand.

As women entrepreneurs, we can change this dynamic and embrace the economic and storytelling power of branding.

Representation Matters

We’re in the heart of the digital era; it’s easier than ever to brand yourself and share your unique story.

1821 new businesses were started by women every day in 2018, and that’s ‘gangster’!

Representation matters, and it’s incredibly empowering for women to have access to diverse stories from the female perspective.

Women have traditionally bought into this idea that their excellent work speaks for itself, according to research.

The truth is, in the world of getting visibility, work itself doesn’t communicate.

Every day rockstar women with incredible work ethic, accomplishments, and potential get drowned out by their male counterparts and competitors.

Some women view success and likeability as opposing traits, but men don’t, research says.

What I admire most about women is our natural ability to connect with people.

As super connectors, we’re genius at building teams and forming community bonds.

So why do we cling to this idea that ‘networking’ is selfish?

“I work really hard at trying to see the big picture and not getting stuck in ego. I believe we’re all put on this planet for a purpose, and we all have a different purpose… When you connect with that love and that compassion, that’s when everything unfolds.” – Ellen DeGeneres

Just Do It: Brand Yourself

When you’re ready to step out and brand yourself, it’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed in the beginning, but avoid that.

Push back on the scary ideas that try to invade your mind and take charge.

And if you need a little extra brand clarity -grab your Free Brand & Business Building Guide here.

Brand & Business Opt In

Listen, branding is meant to be fluid but girl, you know how your ego works.

Your ego will do anything to stay comfortable and stagnant, but there is a whole world of women searching for some connection.

So you’ve got game-changing ‘ish’ to do.

And, here’s the beautiful part, you can tweak and change your brand as you observe it and get feedback.

Just remember, the key is to start somewhere and get a little comfortable being uncomfortable.

I know that business and personal branding can feel intense at first, but once you start implementing a consistent plan, your confidence will grow.

For some women, there’s a deeply personal and emotional connection to their business babies.

Step Away From Your Baby

I’m guilty, and my business is definitely my second child.

So here’s the thing, that deep sense of connection has pros and cons.

Kind of like when a child leaves for college, both parents will miss them, but separation anxiety is felt a little different by mom.

Human nature made men and women different as a whole.

And yes, I’m generalizing, but you get it.

Similarly, a  mom can invest all her energy into her children and leave little to no TLC for herself.

Women business owners often do the same, but it’s time to change that cycle.

To ignite the change,  move forward with your decision to brand yourself and your business.

Nail down your brand’s message and story and share them often.

You can do this, and you owe it to yourself to galvanize your niche, attract a fan base and grow strong!

What branding ideas are you considering? Drop me a note below and let’s chat!








Personal Branding Tips: Get Seen & Heard

Personal Branding Tips: Get Seen & Heard

Ageless Personal Branding Tips

Timeless personal branding tips are classic and ageless.

Timeless things should be left alone, and personal branding is one of them.

Are you’re ready to use ageless personal branding tips to level up, and make the positive impact you’re committed to having?

You say you’re committed to using your experiences, story, personal style, and brand message to create a captivating personal brand.

Great! Cause these essential personal branding tips will help you do to do just that.

Personal Branding Tips 101

The most essential of personal branding tips begins with you choosing to be courageous, and confident as you consistently show up in the world and share your story.

That’s right; you can’t control how others will perceive you. You are in full control of what and how you communicate your brand’s story.

How do you ask? Share the story of who you are, the journey you’ve been on, and the experiences you have.

Let your audience and the people who may be interested in what you do and have to say hear you.

Online Personal Branding Tips 

To start, think about your one thing. What’s the one thing you’d most want to own and share your ideas about? What topic will you become the go-to girl around?

Whatever that one thing is, start to share conversations and content about that one thing.

My one thing is women entrepreneurship. For my personal branding, I share my experiences, ideas, and perceptions of all things women entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship for women is a broad topic, so I’ve added categories I speak and write on that are now associated with my personal brand.

For me, that includes the categories of adopting a success mindset, building a personal brand, hence personal branding tips, and growing an audience online. I speak and write about growing an email listing and using email marketing to build your platform and online community.

I chop it up about niche marketing, and I cover topics that help women entrepreneurs and inspiring entrepreneurs to build thriving online businesses.

Personal Branding Ideas

Show your audience by the things you start conversations on and share content on who you are, what your brand story is about, and how you can bring value to their life.

If you’re starting as a new entrepreneur, a new blogger or solopreneur write down five categories that align with your one thing.

Then start sharing content from your website or blog, social media platforms, and your email marketing about those five specific categories only.

That may seem to limit you. So remember, timeless personal branding shows that consistency is vital. To build unity, you have to narrow your focus.

Your goal is to become known as the go-to girl for something in particular.

“On my own I will just create, and if it works, it works, and if it doesn’t, I’ll create something else. I don’t have any limitations on what I think I could do or be.”  -Oprah Winfrey

Your One Thing Should Guide Your Personal Branding

Use your one thing to spark conversations and share content around your categories.

Share valuable and relatable content with your audience that gives them a more in-depth look into your brand.

People do business with people they like and trust. There’s no better way to build trust than by creating online experiences that allow your audience to feel like they know and get you.

I see your side-eye, but it is just that simple.

Yes, it is.

You Have A Personal Brand

You are a brand; there’s no one in the entire world wired like you.

Here’s some gospel. You have your own unique set of experiences, interests, and passion.

Get those things out of your head and into the world by sharing and creating content that allows you to express them fully.

Those are the things that make you unique they will help your audience decide if they’re interested in getting to know more about you.

Authenticity Is The New Currency

Embrace your authenticity and uniqueness and infuse in what you do and say.

Share your brand story often, and allow your audience to really ‘see’ you.

That my friend is what timeless personal branding is all about.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these timeless personal branding tips as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you.

Put them into good use. If you’re new to online business and online branding I’ve got a special treat below. I created this guide to help you get your brand and business building strategy up-leveled.

Snag the Ultimate Brand & Business Building Plan for free below and put the right business foundation in place to layer your branding, marketing, and product launches around.


Brand & Business Opt In


Keep These Personal Branding Tips Handy

Remember your these personal branding tips, choose your categories, and start sharing away. The more interaction you have with your ideal audience, the more in tune you’ll get about what parts of your personal brand story to share.

There are 3.48 billion active social media users. Trust me, there is plenty of space for you to bring all your magic to the online personal branding and online business-building party. Click To Tweet

There are hundreds, thousands or more people waiting for that special gift you’ve got to share in the world.

What’s your one thing? What personal branding categories will you start using to get your talents seen and heard online?





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