Learn How To Identify Your Niche

Learn How To Identify Your Niche

Ready To Learn How To Identify Your Niche?

Overwhelmed always hearing, ‘you’ve got to learn how to identify your niche’ then niche down more talk?

I hear you, but no sweat,  you’re not alone.

The fabulous news.

As a new entrepreneur, solopreneur, or new blogger,  once you learn how to identify your niche,  everything you create to promote and market your business will flow with ease.

Your niche is a REAL big deal. I’m not downplaying that.

But, we’re going to keep niching very simple.

Once you learn how to identify your niche, you’ll have clarity on who you’re speaking to and how to best communicate with them.

Once you fully understand your niche, it’ll be super clear who you’re serving in your business, what their needs are, and how you can best help them.

Yes, niching down is just that simple

Why It’s So Important To Accurately Identify Your Niche

With a clear picture of your niche, your personal brand and business brand can provide specialized services and communication messages they’d most value and appreciate.

So it’s important to learn how to identify your niche early on in your new business, podcast, blog or new online business venture.

The earlier you niche down your ideal customer/client the more time, money and frustrations you’ll save.


Let’s put niche marketing into some new entrepreneur, newbie blogger, aspiring entrepreneur perspective.

A niche (pronounced both Nich or Kneesh) in brand marketing is the practice of dividing the market into subsegments of smaller areas.

Once you choose the smaller subsegment within the more broad market you want to provide your services to you’ll be blessed with a lot more focus.

The kind of focus that provides a clear understanding of the best communication strategies and messages to share with your audience.

Laser Focus On Your Brand’s Communication Messages

Once you dig deep within your market and identify the smallest, most specific part of it you want to serve it’ll become easier to communicate with them.

You’ll be in a high position to create content to share with them that they really care about and are already searching for answers around.

The more specialized you can be with your niche, the more resonance, and connection you’ll be able to make with the things you decide to share with them.

Having a solid niche isn't enough to attract clients that want to work with you, but it's the first step. It's a starting point from where you can begin to write copy and create content to attract who you've identified you want to… Click To Tweet

The most significant waste of marketing efforts and time is spending time trying to invite everyone to your business.

They won’t come. When you attempt to have your business liked by everyone, it’ll become loved by no one.

Looking Deeper Into Niches

Say I’m trying to attract a 35-45-year-old mid-level corporate professional woman who wants to build an online business.

We’ll call her Sam.

Sam makes $75k a year in her corporate job.

Her dream is to turn her photography craft and passion into a profitable online business.

She has a vision of transitioning out of her day job by growing her part-time photography business.

Sam’s single and loves to scout new shooting locations in her spare time.  She cherishes travel with her girlfriends to exotic locations, and her biggest aspiration is creating more creativity and financial freedom for herself.

There are lots of her and similar women like her online.

On the other hand, another online business branding and marketing professional may target men 35-45 years old. Men who are interested in building an online business that sells and buys and sells real estate online. His name is Tim.

Tim makes $750,000 a year.

He’s married with a 3-year-old little boy and a Chocolate Lab. He drives a Tesla and collects designer watches.

He surfs the internet for properties to buy and flip.

In Tim’s spare time, he hangs out with his boys at his private cigar bar and plays golf.

Sam and Tim have very different and unique needs.

The copy I would write and the content I’d create for Sam would NOT attract Tim.

It doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like my social posts or comment on things that are relevant to him, but my content won’t pull at his heartstrings.

It shouldn’t. I didn’t create it for Tim.

Niche Down To Best Attract Dream Clients

The approach to reaching, gaining credibility and building a genuine connection with Sam and Tim would take different methods, messaging, and content.


Because if you tried to talk to both of them at the same time, your marketing message would be too broad.

You’d block yourself from being able to go deep enough with either of them.

Instead, if you’re lucky, you’d get random clients with no similarities, and therefore you’ll never maximize your online marketing efforts.

Leaving you in a position to have to spend more time than a little bit, hustling for new customers.  Without a distinct niche, you'll never break through all the online noise, and naturally, attract your ideal customers. Click To Tweet

On the flip side, once you hone in on your niche, you’ll start to attract more of those same type customers.

And those customers and other like-minded folks will make up your online tribe.

When looking to take her talents online and build a business, a woman will be more attracted to other brands with women like her in their online community.


It's human nature, we want to be a part of things that matter to us, and we want to feel like we belong. Click To Tweet

As a top priority as an personal brand behind your business focus on getting the most amount of targetted paying clients. To do that, identify your niche, and speak directly to their needs.

Once you decide which segment of your industry’s market, learn everything you can about them and cater to them.

Need more information on how to identify your niche?  I recommend you read, The Ultimate Brand & Business Building Plan. Grab it below. 

Brand & Business Opt In

Speak To The Face Of Your Niche

Marketing 101 says, before a person would consider doing business with you online, they must know, like, and trust you.

To get them there, you’ve got to educate them in a non-sleazy or ‘salesy’ way

In that case, the strategy behind my content creation and list building goes something like this.

Hi, I’m Courtney Rhodes. I’m a business strategist and marketer, who helps female new online entrepreneurs, new bloggers, and course creators to build, launch, and grow profitable online businesses.

I’ve clearly expressed who I’m helping and what I’m helping them to do.

But that’s not all?

All the content I create and the messages I share online have to focus around speaking directly to her and her needs, dreams, and desires.

I create and share content that addresses her specific problems, goals, and wants.

And guess what? The products and services I offer must provide tremendous value to her.

Provide Your Niche With Value

When I’m posting and interacting with my tribe of Sam’s on social media, my content and the online experiences I’m shared are about her.

As I’m on stage speaking at conferences or doing interviews, I’m talking directly to her and why she’s there. It’s not about me.

Every time Sam lands on TheBrandista.com, she feels a strong sense of connection and belonging.  My brand’s colors, voice, and message are inviting to her.

Niche down just like that in your online business, blog, email marketing, and social media platforms.

Remain laser-focus on connecting with and engaging your niche with all of your content and messaging.

Now you know how to identify your niche, do it.

Be mindful of who you’re talking to, and what you what them to know, do, or believe.

Connect With Your Niche’s Heart

You’ve learned how to identify your niche.

Now what?

Knock it out of the park, make everything you write, create, and communicate yummy for them.

The best part is your content and marketing strategies will feel effortless. Every post you write, video you record,  email you send and webinar you host will all be aligned.

So to pull in new clients and make a lot of sales in 2019 cause you know what to do.

Speak to your ideal customers within your niche using their language and addressing the emotional benefits they care about. Click To Tweet

Create Targeted Content For Them

Creating targeted content for your niche will help you further build your credibility and earn their trust with your niche.

Twill ultimately get your dream customers to raise their virtual hands and swipe those Amex with you.

Daydream for a second about the most fabulous pair of stilettos available from anywhere around the world.

Relish in the unlimited pairs of jaw-dropping stilettos that are available at the tap of a few computer keys.

Imagine all the possible styles, colors, and brands available for you to buy.

How many do you think are available in your size and at what price?

Ok, I have no idea either, but here’s where I’m taking this.

When you’re in the mood for a new pair of hot shoes, you Google specific colors, cuts and sometimes, heel inches.

Entering stilettos in a Google search would produce an overwhelming search result.

I’m guessing you’d get thousands of pages filled with shoe options. Many you’d look at and think, hell to the ‘naw’!

To avoid that, you narrow down (niche down) your search to your personal preferences. Right?

To be more specific, you’d search your size, favorite designers, cuts, colors, and maybe heal styles.

Market To The The Smallest Niche You Can

Shoe retailers understand this.

They market their shoe lines to a specific niche within the online shoe market, and their brand messaging contains several factors.

The price points of their shoes, the cut, and the season are all considered.

Brand Marketing Execs create shoes to fit the lifestyle of the target consumer they want to purchase their shoes and become loyal consumers.

Retailers consider who could afford to and would most likely want to buy them.

Once they’ve determined the niche market, they’re positioning their brand for the content creation and marketing becomes fun.

From there all they’ve to do is create a beautiful brand story and communicate that message in ways that’ll attract the customer they want.

Tailor Your Messages To Your Niche

Shoe retailers laser-focus their marketing and communication messages to speak directly to the heart and mind of that “ideal customer.”

Whoever they’ve identified as the heavy users for their particular shoes is who they’ll target in their ad messages.

If you’re not in their niche, you can still buy their shoes. However, their goal is not engaging you in their marketing messages. You’re a bonus buyer.

I want you to think about that as you carve out your niche. If you’re still saying, “Buy my product or service offerings are for anybody that wants ‘XYZ.'”

You’re wrong.

To grow your online business or a new blog, be specific to attract those clients who’ll most relate to your vibe, style, and what you’re providing.

Niching down is the only way to build a tribe of like-minded peeps.

It doesn’t mean that people who don’t fit the income, gender, behavioral, or lifestyle profile of your ideal customer wouldn’t buy from you.

If you want your marketing to connect on a deeper level with your audience, hone in on a smaller segment of the market so you can get more personal.

All Niches Aren’t Equal

No matter what industry you’re in, given everything else is equal, marketing to a narrowed niche market always produces better marketing and sales results.

There are different levels of niching. Once you have a niche,  there is likely a niche within that niche.

Any woman who loves stilettos could be a potential buyer for a pair of stilettos online.

The problem is, there are millions of options to choose from

And people purchase for precise reasons.

Truth is every human imagines a particular lifestyle for ourselves.

We see ourselves in a particular way. Sure, we’re attracted to specific styles and cuts, but there are thousands or more possible shoe brands to pick.

Human nature makes it so that we resonate with the stories behind the brands that we feel represent us.

Their ad campaigns, the magazines their ads appear in, and even how they’re styled attracts us.

The celebrities or influencers that wear them.

Potential customers consider the way the brand fits will fit their particular feet, how much style appeals to them, and even the social causes the brand supports.

Every experience the brand creates for you and communicates publically helps you decide how you feel about it. Your new online business or blog is no different. Click To Tweet

Learn How To Identify Your Niche And Do It

Here are three more questions to ask on your journey to finding your most viable niche:

  1. Who do you think your niche is? Male or Female. What do they want to accomplish?
  2. What’s their age range? Can you help them accomplish something of value to them? What is it specifically?
  3. Of those people narrow it a step further based on your expertise or offerings, what’s unique about your market or way of doing what you do? Does that appeal to the niche you have in mind? Why?

Once you feel good, your niche is narrow enough, go for it.

The beautiful thing about being a new online entrepreneur or new blogger is your business will continue to change, and you’ll learn to adapt to those changes.

Learning how to identify your niche is the first step to make your online marketing efforts are to work hard for your new online venture.

If your niche is too broad, you’ll always work too hard, and your messages won’t be specific enough.

Let’s chat about it.

I want to hear how you’re feeling about your niche. Is it narrow enough? Or do you think it’s too tight?

Drop me a note in the comment and let’s talk about niche marketing.