How To Attract Your Online Community

How To Attract Your Online Community

Ready To Attract Your Online Community?

Here’s the skinny on how to attract your online community to grow and scale your online business and brand.

You need a game plan that can consistently work to attract a community of like-minded people.

And when I say like-minded, I’m talking about a community of people who view what you do or offer as valuable.

A tribe of folks who are interested in the exact topics your expertise, brand, and business discusses.

Your online community will have a passion, interest, or a problem your brand and business address.

Your audience could be trying to break into your field and follow a path similar to yours.

Regardless of the reason, there are droves of people online who could become a reader of your new blog or online business.

Or, a follower on your social channels and a customer of your online business.

You want to attract your online community with diverse needs but within the same niche.

The goal is to have a mixture of thought leaders from your industry and other professionals that can collaborate.

But also those followers who have more aspirational motives.

Some folks in your audience will need what you’re talking about and selling, and some will promote it.

One of the essential marketing hacks you should learn as an online entrepreneur is to build your online community consistently.

That means you need a marketing strategy in place that will attract new people towards you and your online brand.

Folks that see value in connecting with or working with you.

You are making them want to buy your offers and be a part of your online community.

How To Attract Your Online Community In The ‘Goal’ Mine

There are 4.4 billion active Internet users.

To grow your online community, you must have a consistent online marketing strategy and plan to get your brand visible to more people.

You’re a smart cookie.

You know that as a new online entrepreneur, there is an untapped opportunity to get what you do in front of just the right people at the right time.

Regardless of your niche, specific online marketing strategies will help you attract more people into your online community

Play To Win

You have exceptional talent and things your brand and business provide.

On the conservative side, there are hundreds, thousands, and in some instances, millions of people who want that specific expertise you offer.

Or that specific product and service you provide.

Your audience wants to know what you know and is inspired to achieve or experience something you’ve already done for themselves.

To be a real player in this online game don’t be shy and open your virtual mouth often.

You know what you do, who you do it for, and why you do it.

Shout it to the heavens through your blog, articles you write, and the social posts you share.

Take your brand message and the value you bring to the marketplace online steroid style.

Brand Messaging Matters

As a new blogger, solopreneur, or new entrepreneur, the first part of your online marketing strategy to attract your online community should be getting clear.

Get crystal clear about who you’re talking and why.

Then craft a brand message that takes who you are and what you do and makes it exciting and relatable to the people you want to serve.

You do what you do because you have that beautiful talent, craft, and experiences you’ve been able to package to help other people.

But, before you can serve them that have to know you exist and you’ve got to build the like, understand, and trust factor with them.

It sounds like a lot, but it’s not.

“If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.”

-Michele Ruiz, President and CEO of Ruiz Strategies

Be Snobby

You are not marketing your personal brand, products, or service to everyone.

So the brand messages that you use to attract your online audience shouldn’t be vague and for everyone.

You have a niche to target, the ideal customer you want to buy your products and services.

So be snobbish with your social media strategy, your email marketing plan, and your content marketing strategy.

Only create and share content that you know resonates with them and help you to become the go-to girl for your thing.

What does that mean for you?

It means that once you identify the demographics and psychographics of your ideal audience, you should curate content that you know will attract those folks.

Your niche, the dream customers that you created your new online business to serve, are the people who will appreciate your thought-leadership, influence, or impact the most.

Nurture Your Tribe

Your tribe wants to know a lot about you, and you have to be a bit vulnerable at times and share your authentic story.

The more you share your journey, ideas, insight, and behind-the-scenes of your life with them, the more relatable you’ll be to them.

Your online community and audience are online seeking solutions to problems they have.

They’re looking for new insight and information.

They are seeking different ways and knowledge to help them live their best lives!

Similar to real-life relationships with your girls, you should aim to attract Internet friends that value you.

An online community of people that appreciate your distinct style, voice, value, and expertise will become your tribe.

And remember, your goal is to attract and online community that is very niche but also diverse.

That’s important, hear me here. There will be some people who will join your tribe, consume your content, and you’ll be able to convert those online friends into customers.

Others will become personal brand supporters, brand ambassadors, and collaborators: All like-minded. So you need both, the audience that will buy your stuff and those that will support and share your stuff.

And yes, some will be both, and those are my faves!

Get In Formation

Cause who needs Internet friends that aren’t information?!

No one!


You’re the leader of the tribe and though-leader of your community.

It’s your job to invite, entertain, and host the people who show up at your Internet party.

Make them feel warm inside about showing up for you, and get them excited to support and hear from you.

They won’t see the world exactly like you, but they should undoubtedly have similar values, goals, and aspirations.

And like real friendships take work, so do online ones.

I know, I too struggle to see my friends in real life, but I make it happen.

No getting around it, building a community of anything is about the relationship.

A healthy, balanced, respectable give and take exchange.

Real relationships are NOT created with aggressive online selling.

Relationships are formed and strengthened by genuine listening and authentic two-way communication,

Relationships Go Two Ways

Healthy communities have two or more people finding mutual value, and that's beautiful. Click To Tweet

That value looks different for every relationship, but it could come in the form of advice, insight, or entertainment.

What it’s not, are you showing up online only when you have something to sell?

Ever had a friendship or boyfriend who zapped the life out of you?

Where no matter what – when they left, you felt drained and exhausted.

I have, and there’s nothing fun about it.

No one signs up to be zapped by an energy vampire on or offline.

So to attract your online community, show up for them with consistency.

That could be as simple as sharing a small nugget of insight or information with them daily.

Show up and start online conversations even when you don’t have original content to share.

Very few new bloggers, solopreneurs or new online entrepreneurs do.

You could reshare something relevant to them that will leave them with a smile on their face or a provoking thought to ponder.


Attract Your Online Community With Content

The most profound difference between your in-person friends and your online ones is you probably don’t sell things to your friends in real life.

Most likely, you never do, and that’s a great thing.

So yes, there’s also an essential balance between connecting and providing genuine value to your online community and selling.

The goal is not to sell so much on social media.

Give them consistent insight into your professional and personal life but interject behind-the-scenes of your business life.

That content marketing strategy assures that your audience knows who you are, what you do, and who you do it for without you selling them anything.

And when you do decide to launch a new online product, digital course, services or even a physical product, they won’t be annoyed.

You would have already established a genuine connection with them.

At that point, some of the peeps in you your audience will be genuinely interested in what you’re selling.

Marketing Online

Here’s a significant truth about marketing online: It follows the same disciplines, principles, and best practices of marketing offline.

You must first build a valuable and desired product or service.

Identify your audience and niche.

Understand everything you can about them.

Establish a strong marketing and sales channel.

Package and market the product or service in a way that appeals to the smallest viable portion of the market (super-niche).

Apply the insight you’ve learned about your market to communicate to them in ways that connect your product or service and their needs and desires.

Make the sales process a smooth and straightforward experience.

Provide great customer service.

Do goodwill.

Rinse and repeat.

Boss Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

A strong content marketing strategy is the most crucial strategy that’ll keep you on track to attract the online community you deserve.

The number one thing you can do to build a vibrant, engaged consistently, and connected online community, is?

You’ve listened, you’ve got it, it’s creating and sharing content targetted to your specific niche markets’ interests and needs.

Point blank.

Ok, maybe not the end of the discussion, but you get it.

Valuable content is the magnet that’ll attract your online community to your brand and business.

Curate and share information that’ll pique their interest and show them you know what the heck you’re doing.

Great content reinforces your credibility in your specialty and will get people excited to buy into your concepts, methodologies, and unique way of doing things.

Relevant content validates to your tribe that you’re products and services were built, sourced, or created by someone who knows what they’re doing.

It’ll solidify what you know and do.

And, boss up your content marketing strategy.

As you consistently follow your plan, you’ll build momentum that’ll reinforce your authority.

That credibility will position you to establish the like, know, and trust factor with your online community.

Resonate With Your Ideal Customers

The more relevant content you create and share on your social media channels, in your email marketing, and on your blog; the more connected they’ll become.

Your consistency will pull your tribe in as you show them, that you understand their lives and aspirations and can help them.

By sharing content online that informs, educates, or aspires your online community, you’ll stay top of mind with them.

Remind your audience you’ve been where they now stand.

Show your audience how you’ve created a viable solution to move your followers towards there goals.

You are the most significant variable that helps people in your market decide if they want to do business with you or your competition. Galvanize your tribe with lots of delicious content candy.

It connects your audience with the real and authentic person behind the keyboard.

When you share content, your ideal audiences find interesting it reiterates to them that you’re a genuine person who understands them as a real person.

Targeted content that is very relevant gives people a valid reason to believe in you and your business and connects them to your mission.

Again use your content to reinforce with your audience why they should like and trust you.

Because that is the only way to open the doors for them to eventually do business with you, recommend you to their friends, or introduce you to their community.

That’s an all-around win!

Call In Your Online Tribe

In The Ultimate Brand & Business Building Plan, there’s an entire section in the eight steps to more impact and income.

It’s in part under Growing Your Tribe, and it covers list building, social media plus a sales & marketing strategy. Grab it right below now.


Brand & Business Opt In


Make sure your content is worth sharing and targetted to attract the online tribe you want.

Create targetted content you know your audience will appreciate and get on a schedule to consistently share it from your website, blog, and social channels that:

  • Are based around content themes and topics of the products or services you’re selling.
  • Have your spin, methodologies, or approaches. Stamp it with your magic.
  • o It was created specifically for your ideal customer and their needs, desires, or aspirations (it’s not for you).
  • Shows your personal brand will be approachable, engaging, and efficient and a pleasure to experience.
  • Is worth sharing, referencing and coming back to as a valuable resource
  • Share the social causes, values, movements that you care about

Ok, that my friend is the foundation needed to attract your online community.

You know the drill, let’s chop it up about how to attract your online community below.

What challenges or ideas have you that found work best for creating dope content to attract your online community?











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How To Build A Thriving Online Community
How To Attract Like Minded Community
Why Brand Yourself And Your Business

Why Brand Yourself And Your Business

Ready To Brand Yourself?

You’re a smart and savvy woman and it’s time to brand yourself and your business intentionally.

Adjust your crown and say bye-bye to the ‘hide and seek’ game.

If you’re not inviting your ideal customers to know you and your business, how will it grow at scale?

What are you going to do to leverage the economic potential of a brand that is visible to the masses?

Historically, women are less comfortable being seen in the spotlight than their male counterparts.

Some women embrace the idea that personal branding is taboo.

Let’s be clear ladies, don’t buy into that expensive branding misconception and instead, get in branding formation.

You have an online presence and a personal brand.

People are online for an average of six hours a day, and they’re googling and social media stalking people and things they’re curious about.

Ask yourself: ‘How am I being seen, what am I saying and is it authentic?”


Shape Your Brand’s Narrative

Take control of your brand and create a story that exudes authenticity, credibility, and trust.

A strong personal brand begins when you embrace your authenticity and share your strengths. Click To Tweet

Once you’re clear on how you want show up, use that message to build trusted relationships with your audience.

Put your blog, social media and video to work getting your unique perspective, story and the value your offer shared to the masses.

The things that make you different are the very things that’ll build resonance and connection with your audience.

After working in my marketing practice for nine years, I learned first hand that men are more eager to share their perspectives and have their voices heard and supported.

As women entrepreneurs, we can change this dynamic and embrace the economic and storytelling power of branding.



Representation Matters

We’re in the heart of the digital era; it’s easier than ever to brand yourself and build an online audience.

1821 new businesses were started by women every day in 2018, and that’s ‘gangster’!

Representation matters.

More than ever, It’s incredibly empowering for women to have access to diverse stories from the female perspective.

Women have traditionally bought into this idea that their excellent work speaks for itself, according to research.

The truth is, in the world of getting visibility, work itself doesn’t communicate.

Every day rockstar women with incredible work ethic, accomplishments, and greater potential get drowned out by their male counterparts and more vocal personal brands.

Some women view success and likeability as opposing traits, but men don’t, research says.

What I admire most about women is our natural ability to connect with people.

As super connectors, we’re genius at building teams and forming community bonds.

So why do we cling to this idea that ‘networking’ and educating people about who we are and what we do is selfish?

“I work really hard at trying to see the big picture and not getting stuck in ego. I believe we’re all put on this planet for a purpose, and we all have a different purpose… When you connect with that love and that compassion, that’s when everything unfolds.” – Ellen DeGeneres


Just Do It: Brand Yourself

When you’re ready to step out and brand yourself, it’s normal to feel a bit overwhelmed in the beginning, but avoid that.

Push back on the negative ideas that come into play and lean on your confidence.  

Remeber confidence is like a muscle and the more you get into the action of doing something, the more confidence muscle you’ll build.

So if you need a little  brand clarity help -grab your Free Brand & Business Building Guide here.

Brand & Business Opt In

Listen, branding is meant to be fluid but girl, you know how your ego works.

Your ego will do anything to stay comfortable and stagnant, but there is a whole world of women searching for value and connection.

So you’ve got game-changing ‘ish’ to do.

And, here’s the beautiful part, you can tweak and change your brand as you observe it and get feedback.

Just remember, the key is to start somewhere and that is getting clear on what you represent, what you do and who you do it for.

I know that business and personal branding can feel intense at first, but once you start taking consistent action to share your brand on social media, your confidence will grow.


Step Away From Your Baby

For some women, there’s a deeply personal and emotional connection to their business babies.

I’m guilty, and my business is definitely my second child.

So here’s the thing, that deep sense of connection has pros and cons.

Kind of like when a child leaves for college, you feel proud and sad.

Both parents will miss them, but separation anxiety is normally felt a little different by mom.

Human nature makes men and women different as a whole.

And yes, I’m generalizing, no apology.

Similarly, a mom can invest all her energy into her children and leave little to no TLC for herself.

Women business owners often do the same, but it’s time to change that cycle.

Why? Because in todays business marketplace people do business with people they like, know and trust.

Yes, that means people are deciding to work with businesses because of the brand or face behind that business.

To move forward with your decision to brand yourself and your business start slow and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Nail down your brand’s story and message and share them often to the people you’d most like to do business with.

You can do this, and you owe it to yourself to galvanize your niche, attract a fan base and grow strong!

What branding ideas are you considering? Drop me a note below and let’s chat!














Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

3 Ways To Position Yourself As An Expert

3 Ways To Position Yourself As An Expert


Ready To Position Yourself As An Expert?

Great! You’re eager to position yourself as an expert at what you do and your timing is divine.

The internet and social media make it fairly simple for you to communicate to your audience and prospects exactly what you’d like to be recognized for.

With some old fashion experience and a real service to provide you’re primed to position yourself as an expert.

Many of my clients and students had little to no name recognition in their market when they first started out.

Consequently, if you’re new to entrepreneurship, no worries.

Building your brand and positioning yourself can actually be fun!

Really, it can be. Hear me out.

Take time to implement these branding tips and you’re sure to separate yourself from the competition in your niche.


Position Yourself As The Expert Even If You’re A New Entrepreneur

Maybe you’re launching a new business for the very first time and you lose sleep wondering how to stand out in your crowded market.

Listen, I have been there.

Every other female entrepreneur who has built a business from scratch understands that uneasy feeling of uncertainty.

But I’m here to tell you, relax.

You’re in great company.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable approaching the business branding journey is a lot more desirable than never doing the work to position yourself or your business.

And as a result, not reaching your goals as an entrepreneur.

I get it, I promise.

You’re charged with building the business, creating valuable content, marketing, branding, sales, customer services, financial planning, and the list goes on.

Here’s the great news, you can do it with a little planning and lots of follow- throughs.

We’re in an exciting and fascinating time for women entrepreneurs.

Gone are the times prospects seek out experts based on the amount of time they’ve been in business.

Above all else, today’s prospects and customers want to know you can solve their problems or help them achieve a goal.

Wired consumers are savvy and a tad nosey.

They want to know your story and back story.

Your prospects yearn to relate to and trust the people they’re going to spend money with.

Today’s consumers want to know if your values align with theirs and if you can do what you say you’ll do for them.

I want you to leverage that intel and position yourself as the expert in your market and niche.


By implementing these 3 ways to position yourself as an expert with authority.




1. Embrace Your Talent And Authencity

The best traits of experts across industries are universal.

Great experts continue to strengthen and hone their craft.

They become fabulous at something and then they learn how to teach others to do what they do using their method.

Or, they do it for them.

Memorable experts use what they know to consistently share their insight, commentary, story, and wisdom with others in their unique way.

Think of your absolute favorite expert.

What is it that draws them to you?

Likely it’s their authentic way of using their talent to understand their ideal customer’s problems and offer real solutions.

Most of the times they’ll package their solutions in various ways through products, services, events, content and speaking engagements.

No secret there, that’s the trend of today’s experts and you can do the same.


2. Find Your Opportunity Gap

Whether you’re in the coaching, wellness, beauty, healthcare, finance, legal, real estate, e-commerce or another industry identify a problem that exists in your market that you’re (or will be) the expert at solving.

Once you’re clear on the problem you want to be known for solving, create your own methodology for solving it.

To do that, outline and package the steps needed to achieve the solution using your own proprietary system.

Equipped with the unique branded solution you’re offering your market it’s time to communicate.

Yes, it’s time to tell everyone about who you are, what you do, how you do it and who you do it for.

The goal here is to reiterate the problem that you’re solving in your business, and clearly communicate why your prospects should use you to solve that problem.

Why and how?

In the digital era, every industry is saturated with experts offering a lot of the same solutions packaged different ways.

Consequently, you know your prospects care less about you and more about what you can do for them.

So give them what they want. They want their problems solved and they want it done by an expert that they can resonate with and trust.


3. Brand Your Method of Providing The Solution

Are you ready to get creative?

Perfect, for now, I want you to think of your brand’s positioning as a game.

And I’m inviting you to take part in a 21-Day Expert Positioning Challenge!


Here’s how we’re rolling.

There’s only one rule.

Each day for 21 days you must  come up with a creative idea to present who you are, what you do and who you do it for using the Internet.

I know you may be side-eyeing me but you’ll thank me when it’s over.

The goal is to have fun but push your comfort zone while you position (or reinforce) yourself as the expert in your niche.

Think outside the box when you craft your messages, with the stories and captions you share and timeline of how you deliver your content.

There are no limits to ways to challenge yourself with this but most of all, I challenge you to be creative.


Play With The Images You Share And Captions You Write

Perhaps, go live, a time or two. Then maybe create a video, or a series of videos or launch your own email challenge.

Play with hashtags, get super social on social (imagine that) and please keep me posted.

If you need a little personal branding help to get your creative juices flowing, I’ve got you.

Snag The Brand Plan For Bosses for free below and put the right messaging in place before you start the challenge.



The Brand Plan For Bosses


Keep in mind the best way to build trust and resonance with your potential clients is to make it crystal clear to them what you do and why they should care.

Consider referencing your branded methodology as relates to the work you do and the results you’ve seen from your clients.

Or, again you can walk your email subscribers through a small part of your process for free within an email challenge, on a webinar or even in a simple social media post.

For example, as a business coach and branding strategist, I’m doing this now.

I’m challenging my audience to position themselves as the expert in their industry and to kick start their branding process.


Consistently Communicate The Following Three Tips

First, educate your prospects by letting them know you’ve created a special method to help them solve their particular problem.

Next, help them to understand your particular process for solving their problem or achieving their goal.

Third, convince them you’re their person and the best expert for them to work with to get the job done.

As you position yourself as the expert, remember to always be two things: credible and consistent.

Credibility is about being a reliable source of valuable information. Click To Tweet

While consistency takes planning and action.

You have an incredible opportunity to position yourself as the expert because right now people are craving information.

Across all industries and niches, people want to learn from and do business with people they can relate to and trust.

Becoming the expert to your audience, in your niche, and within your market doesn’t have to take years.

You have something valuable to offer, now brand your solution, tell your story, and be consistent.

Have fun creating your special method of delivering the solutions you provide.

Then use your content to consistently share your secret sauce.

And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the process of making a positive difference in your students, customers, clients or patients’ lives.

Drop me a line below and let me know your methodology.



3 ways to position yourself as the expert

Learn How To Identify Your Niche

Learn How To Identify Your Niche

Ready To Learn How To Identify Your Niche?

Are you overwhelmed by hearing all the, ‘you’ve got to learn how to identify your niche‘ then niche down more talk?

I hear you, but no sweat,  you’re not alone.

As a new entrepreneur, solopreneur, or new blogger,  once you learn how to identify your niche,  everything you create to promote and market your business will flow with ease.

Your niche is a REAL big deal, and I’m not going to downplay that.

But, we’re going to keep niching very simple.

Once you learn how to identify your niche, you’ll have clarity.

You’ll know the details of who you’re serving in your business, what their needs are, and how you can help them.

Yes, niching down is just that simple


Why Is It Important To Learn How To Identify Your Niche?

With a clear picture of your niche, you can provide specialized services and communication messages your tribe would most enjoy.

And this is what makes it so important to learn how to identify your niche early on in your new blogging, solopreneur journey, or new online business venture.

Get it? Niching down will save you lots of time, money and frustrations.

How? Let’s put niche marketing into some new entrepreneur, newbie blogger, aspiring entrepreneur perspective.

A niche (pronounced both Nich or Kneesh) in brand marketing is the practice of dividing the market into subsegments of smaller areas.

Choose the smaller subsegment within a more significant market you want to provide your services to it’ll bless you with tons of clarity and more focus.

Once you know your niche, it’s like having a roadmap for all your brand’s communications messages.


Laser Focus On Your Brand’s Communication Messages

It’s simple, but so powerful.

Look deep within your market and identify the smallest, most specific part of the market you’re going to serve.

Doing that will place you in a winning position to create content to share with them that they really care about.

And even, information and insight on the things that they’re already searching for online.

The more specialized you can be in picking your niche, the more resonance, and connection you’ll make by the things you decide to share with them.

Having a solid niche isn't enough to attract clients that want to work with you, but it's the first step. It's a starting point from where you can begin to write copy and create content to attract who you've identified you want to… Click To Tweet

Take it from me. After years of working with hundreds of brands and successful entrepreneurss, the most significant waste of marketing efforts is spending your resources trying to invite everyone to your business.

They won’t come.

And worst of all, when you attempt to have your business liked by everyone, it’ll become loved by no one.


Looking Deeper Into Niches

Say I’m trying to attract a 35-45-year-old mid-level corporate professional woman who wants to build an online business.

We’ll call her Sam. Sam makes $75k a year in her corporate job.

Her dream is to turn her photography craft and passion into a profitable online business.

She has a vision of transitioning out of her day job by growing her part-time photography business.

Sam’s single and loves to scout new shooting locations in her spare time.  

She cherishes travel with her girlfriends to exotic locations, and her biggest aspiration is creating more creativity and financial freedom for herself.

There are lots similar women like Sam online.

On the other hand, another online business building and marketing professional may target men 35-45 years old. Men who are interested in building an online business that sells and buys real estate online. His name is Tim.

Tim makes $750,000 a year.

He’s married with a 3-year-old little boy and a Chocolate Lab. He drives a Tesla and collects designer watches.

Tim surfs the internet for properties to buy and flip.

In Tim’s spare time, he hangs out with his boys at his private cigar bar and plays golf.

Sam and Tim have very different and unique needs and interests.

The conten I’d create and copy I’d write  Sam would NOT attract Tim.

It doesn’t mean Tim wouldn’t like my social posts or comment on things that are relevant to him, but my content won’t pull at his heartstrings.

The copy shouldn’t.

I didn’t create it with Tim’s particular demographics, psychographics or intersts in mind. I tailored my marketing and communication messages for Sam.


Niche Down To Attract Your Dream Clients

The approach to reaching, gaining credibility and building a genuine connection with Sam and Tim would take different methods, messaging, and content.


Because if you tried to talk to both of them at the same time, your marketing message would be too broad.

You’d block yourself from being able to go deep enough with either of them.

Instead, if you’re lucky, you’d get random clients with no similarities, and therefore you’ll never maximize your online marketing efforts.

Leaving you in a position to have to spend more time than a little bit, hustling for new customers.  Without a distinct niche, you'll never break through all the online noise, and naturally, attract your ideal customers. Click To Tweet

On the flip side, once you can get detail in creating for your niche, you’ll start to attract more of those same type customers.

And those customers and other like-minded folks will make up your online tribe.

When looking to take her talents online and build a business, a woman will be more attracted to other brands with women like her in their online community.


It's human nature, we want to be a part of things that matter to us, and we want to feel like we belong. Click To Tweet

Since your number one priority as an online business should be to get the most amount of paying clients, identify your niche asap, and speak directly to their needs.

Once you decide which segment of your industry’s market you’ll cater to,  learn everything you can about them.

Need more information on how to identify your niche?  I recommend you read, The Ultimate Brand & Business Building Plan. Grab it below. 


Brand & Business Opt In


Speak To The Face Of Your Niche

Marketing 101 says, before a person would consider doing business with you, they must know, like, and trust you.

To take them on that journey, you’ve got to educate them in a non-sleazy or ‘salesy’ way

In align with that, the strategy behind my content creation and list building goes something like this.

Hi, I’m Courtney Rhodes. I’m a business strategist and marketer, who helps new female online entrepreneurs, new bloggers, and course creators to build, launch, and grow profitable online businesses.

I’ve expressed who I’m helping and what I’m helping them to do.

But that’s not all?

All the content I create and the messages I share online must focus around speaking directly to her needs, dreams, and desires.

The content I create and share addresses her specific problems, goals, and wants.

And guess what? The products and services I offer provide tremendous value to her entrepreneurial journey.


Provide Your Niche With Value

When I’m posting and interacting with my tribe of Sam’s and others like her on social media, my content and the online experiences I’m creating are directed right towards her.

As I’m on stage speaking at conferences or doing interviews, I’m speaking directly to Sam and addressing why she’s there.

It’s not about me, but the value I can provide to Sam.

Every time Sam lands on, she feels a strong sense of connection and belonging.  My brand’s colors, voice, and message are inviting to her.

I challenge you to niche down just like that in your online business, blog, email marketing, and social media platforms.

Remain laser-focus on connecting with and engaging your niche with all of your content and messaging.

Now you know how to identify your niche, do it.

Be mindful of exactly who you’re talking to, and what you what them to know, do, or believe.


Getting Intimate With Your Niche Gives You Brand Clarity

Once you’ved identified your niche, you’ll gain more confidence about how to communicate the ‘what do you do’ question, we all have to answer to build our audiences.

Practice makes perfect, and the more you share tell your niche who you are, what you do and how you can help them you’ll get more niche confidence.

Plus, you’ll nail and perfect your brand story in the process. You go, girl!!

The more you know about who you’re serving, the more knowledge you’ll have when you create those bomb courses, programs, or services that best suit their needs.


Connect With Your Niche’s Heart

You’ve learned how to identify your niche.

Now what?

Knock it out of the park, make everything you write, create, and communicate yummy for them.

The best part is your content and marketing strategies will feel effortless.

Every post you write, video you record,  email you send and webinar you host will all be aligned.

Speak to your ideal customers within your niche using their language and addressing the emotional benefits they care about. Click To Tweet


Create Targeted Content 

Creating targeted content for your niche will also help you further build your credibility and earn your niche’s trust. 

Your niche specific content will ultimately get your dream customers to raise their virtual hands and swipe those Amex with you.

Daydream for a second about the most fabulous pair of stilettos available from anywhere around the world.

Relish in the unlimited pairs of jaw-dropping stilettos that are available at the tap of a few computer keys.

Imagine all the possible styles, colors, and brands available for you to buy.

How many do you think are available in your size and at what price?

Ok, I have no idea either, but here’s where I’m taking this.

When you’re in the mood for a new pair of hot shoes, you Google specific colors, cuts and sometimes, heel inches.

Entering stilettos in a Google search would produce an overwhelming search result.

I’m guessing you’d get thousands of pages filled with shoe options.

Many you’d look at and think, hell to the ‘naw’!

No one has time for that. So, instead you’d narrow down (niche down) your search to your personal preferences.


Be more specific, you’d search for your shoe size, favorite designers, cuts, colors, and maybe heal styles.



Market To The The Smallest Niche You Can

Shoe retailers and marketing executives understand this.

They market their shoe lines to a specific niche within the online shoe market, and their brand messaging contains several factors.

The price points of their shoes, the cut, and the season are all considered.

Retail teams create shoes to fit the lifestyle of the target consumer they want to purchase their shoes and become loyal consumers.

The shoe brands consider who could afford to and would most likely want to buy them.

Once they’ve determined the niche market, they’re positioning their brand for the content creation and marketing becomes fun.

From there all they’ve to do is create a relatable brand story and communicate.

Then they share that message in ways that’ll attract the customer they’re aiming to attract. 


Tailor Your Messages To Your Niche

Those retailers laser-focus their marketing and communication messages to speak directly to the heart and mind of that “ideal customer.”

Whoever they’ve identified as the heavy users for their particular shoes is who they’ll target in their ad messages.

If you’re not in their niche, you can still buy their shoes. However, their goal is not to engage you in their marketing messages.

You’re a bonus buyer.

 If you’re still saying, “But my product or service offerings are for anybody that wants ‘XYZ.'”

You’re wrong.

To grow your new online business or a new blog, be specific to attract those clients who’ll most relate to your vibe, style, and what you’re providing.

Niching down is the only way to build a tribe of like-minded peeps.

It doesn’t mean that people who don’t fit the income, gender, behavioral, or lifestyle profile of your ideal customer wouldn’t buy from you.

If you want your marketing to connect on a deeper level with your audience, hone in on a smaller segment of the market so you can get more personal.


All Niches Aren’t Equal

No matter what industry you’re in, given everything else is equal, marketing to a narrowed niche market always produces better marketing return-on-investment and sales results.

There are different levels of niching.

Once you have a niche,  there is likely a niche within that niche.

Any woman who loves stilettos could be a potential buyer for a pair of stilettos online.

The problem is, there are millions of options to choose from

And people purchase for precise reasons.

Truth is every human imagines a particular lifestyle for ourselves.

We see ourselves in a particular way.

Sure, we’re attracted to specific styles and cuts, but there are thousands or more possible shoe brands to pick.

Human nature makes it so that we resonate with the stories behind the brands that we feel represent us.

Their ad campaigns, the magazines their ads appear in, and even how they’re styled attracts us.

The celebrities or influencers that wear them.

Potential customers consider the way the brand fits will fit their particular feet, how much style appeals to them, and even the social causes the brand supports.

Every experience the brand creates for you and communicates publically helps you decide how you feel about it. Your new online business or blog is no different. Click To Tweet


Learn How To Identify Your Niche And Do It

Here are three more questions to ask on your journey to finding your most viable niche:

  1. Who do you think your niche is? Male or Female. What do they want to accomplish?
  2. What’s their age range? Can you help them accomplish something of value to them? What is it specifically?
  3. Of those people narrow it a step further based on your expertise or offerings, what’s unique about your market or way of doing what you do? Does that appeal to the niche you have in mind? Why?

Once you feel good, your niche is narrow enough, go for it.

The beautiful thing about being a new online entrepreneur or new blogger is your business will continue to change, and you’ll learn to adapt to those changes.

Learning how to identify your niche is the first step to make your online marketing efforts are to work hard for your new online venture.

If your niche is too broad, you’ll always work too hard, and your messages won’t be specific enough.

Let’s chat about it.

I want to hear how you’re feeling about your niche. Is it narrow enough? Or do you think it’s too tight?

Drop me a note in the comment and let’s talk about niche marketing.















How To Avoid Online Marketing Mistakes

How To Avoid Online Marketing Mistakes

Sidestep Common Online Marketing Mistakes

You’ve got a fantastic new product or service. Fabulous!

For new online entrepreneurs, new bloggers and solopreneurs online marketing mistakes are common.

You don’t need to make the avoidable ones, and this article will help sidestep the most prominent online marketing mistakes and up-level your online marketing.

For seasoned entrepreneurs and new ones alike, no matter how much business insight, experiences, strategies,  and hacks, you learn, you’re going to have slip-ups.

I tell my daughter, “You’ve got to learn from your own unique experiences, and there are some lessons that you’ll have to go through.

The very same wisdom holds in online marketing and business building.

After working on the marketing of hundreds of brands and businesses of all sizes, I discovered there are proven marketing strategies that work universally.

Elude Online Marketing Mistakes

All online marketing strategies won’t work for every business or in every phase of your business.

The most significant online marketing mistakes, are referred to as ‘ rookie mistake,’ but should be avoided by all online businesses, bloggers or solopreneurs.

Whether you’re a rookie or a vet, don’t get caught guilty committing the following online marketing crimes!

As Maya Angelou dropped the gem, and I’ve often repeated, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

The most offensive online marketing mistake is a costly one, and you’ll avoid it.

If you aren’t quilty, kudos to you.

If you are, all good, time to pivot, and readjust.

The #1 Online Marketing Mistakes

The biggest online marketing mistake to avoid is NOT speaking in your dream customer’s language.

Once you nail down your niche, ( if you need niching love, click here) write and speak to them using their words, phrases, and cultural influences.

Scrap the over professionalism and industry jargon for the way your dream customers speak and the language they use.

The dream client you're trying to attract has to understand what you're saying, and your words must resonate with them. Click To Tweet

If not, you’ll lose them.

When your ideal customer is relaxing and scrolling through their social feeds,  they’re in a chill mode most of the time.

Your would-be potential customers are online to get their minds off of what they really should be doing (like work- haha!) or finding inspiration and knowledge.

They’re ready to be social (hence-social media) or scrolling by habit to see what’s happening.

No ONE goes to social media and says, “Let me see what online coach, consultant, or expertise I can give my money to today.”

Your dream customers are likely not actively looking for you (no offense) or your fantastic service.

They Don’t Know About Your Secret Sauce

You’ve just created the bomb new product or service.

You created it just for them and a need you’ve already identified they have.

Although you’re on top of your game, they likely have no idea you’ve created the perfect solutions for them.

Here’s the deal, we all have things we’d like to do and achieve one day.

Think about your own goals? How many problems do you want to solve, dreams you have and aspirations to conquer?

Those thoughts, achievements, and goals loosely linger in your mind, but they’re not always top of mind for you.

Due to that psychology, it’s unlikely your dream customers are actively searching for the newest online expert.

Listen, I wish that was the case, but It’s not!

Online shoppers of courses, programs, and services often make purchases driven by aspiration. Click To Tweet

Aspirations and Dreams Often Take A Backseat

The desires, dreams, and ideals of your dream customers aren’t always at the forefront of their priority.

There are millions of people who may want what your business offers even though they’re not actively seeking out a solution.

So what can you do to avoid the most prominent online marketing mistakes and instead, entice your dream customers?

Tailor your communication messages just for them. Speak to your dream customers in their own words, using their problems, dreams, and aspirations.

Share a brand story through your website content, blog posts, email marketing, and social media posts to subtly remind them what they want and need.

Communicate to your ideal customers how you can help them. Show them how you’ve helped other dream customers just like them.

Make it obvious to them why you should be their go-to girl.

Reignite the fire in them.

Talk to them using words and messages that let them know you’re there to help them to live their best lives.

Use your messaging to remind your dream customers about their own goals. Speak to them in a way that uses the words they'd use to explain their ambitions. Click To Tweet


Be the one to breathe new life into their dreams, goals, or aspiration.

That’ll captivate their attention and allow you to start an online conversation with them.

No one is waving their Amex in the digital ‘webisphere’ begging you to swipe it, but you can become the expert that inspires them into action.

And to get started doing that, speak to your customers in their language and address their problems, dreams, and aspirations.

You’re the expert: Inform, inspire or educate your audience, because once they know, like, and trust you, your journey to securing the bag with them gets 10x easier.

Online Marketing Mistake #2

New entrepreneurs, new bloggers, and solopreneurs have a lot to manage.

Some things will fall through the cracks but making it a priority to earn your dream customers’ attention should never one of them.

No one signs up to be chastised by the expert who knows everything and sits on her pedestal judging.

Instead, earn your customers’ attention and dollars by celebrating and serving them.

Share helpful stories and content with them that’ll help them achieve their goals.

You can share testimonials and comments from students and clients who’ve gotten success using your products or services.

Or, content that shares your expertise and experiences in a way that can help them.

To avoid the #1 online marketing mistake, new bloggers, new entrepreneurs, and rookie solopreneurs make: Learn as much as you can about your dream customers.

Then use that insight and regurgitate their very own dreams and goals to them in an educational, informative, or inspirational way.

There are lots of other people and brands vying for their attention, time, and money.

So what? None of them offer what you do in the very same way you do.

Observe Big Brands

Research the mega brands that target the same niche market you do.

Pay attention to how the big brands in your niche speak to the same people you’re targeting.

Those brands spend millions of dollars in market research to understand consumer insights.

They then use that knowledge to learn how to reach their target audience best.

Reap those benefits girl!

No secret, in today’s Digital Age, people do business with businesses and brands they feel a strong resonance toward.

Keeping that in mind, and as the savvy modern marketer, you’re becoming, adopt the online marketing strategies of the big brands.

Instead of using your language, communicate your brand’s messages to your ideal customer using their own words and language.

Makes sense, right?

Speak To Their Face

If you speak to your dream customers in their language, using their social influences and layman terms, they’ll understand what you’re saying.

Remember this, you’re the one with experience in your field, and now you’re helping your tribe achieve their goals.

What better way than using their distinct language, jargon, and catchphrases to grab their attention and build trust with them?

And once you’ve got their attention, use that open dialogue to move your online conversation with them forward.

If your dream client doesn't clearly understand what you're saying or appreciate the value it can bring them, they won't buy it. #womenbiz #digitalentrepreneur #bizadvice #copywriting Click To Tweet

Why Should They Care

You've created or sourced something valuable you know your dream client would love, educate them about it. Click To Tweet


Use their very personal language in your marketing messages to capture their attention and connect with their hearts.

Again, it’s your job to communicate to them exactly how you can help them and why they should care.

Your dream customers don’t necessarily always walk around with their dreams and goals top of mind.

Once you do your research, you’ll know a lot about your ideal customer, her hopes, dreams, and what inspires her.

Or him.

You get where I’m going.

When you use your dream customers’ exact words to address her aspirations in your messaging, your ideal customer knows you’re talking to her.

And, that’s a boss move!

She’ll be flattered: As if your messages were created just for her, and what you say will undoubtedly have an impact on her.

Once you connect the dots between what you’re offering and how it provides value to your ideal customers, you’ll attract more of her into your online tribe.

That’s right, be the conduit that connects the dots between her dreams and your products or services.

Online Marketing Mistake #3

Speaking of connecting the dots, the marketing messages you share online should connect the topics around your products and services, and your dream customers’ needs, dreams, and aspirations.

Before you sit down to write another piece of copy, new blog post, email, social media post, video or podcast episode, google your dream customer.

Find a picture that you feel best represents her. Scotch tape it the side of your laptop and start writing directly to her face.

Your dream customer has a problem, an unmet need, or an unfulfilled desire.

They make a certain amount of money, have specific cultural influences that shape how they see the world, and have particular needs and wants.

Use your marketing messages and the content you share to let your dream customer know you understand her.

Make it clear you’ve listened to your dream customer and have created a solution for her.

That’ll guarantee you avoid this third and final online marketing mistake I’m addressing.

In the Ultimate Brand & Business Building Plan, I walk through identifying all you need to know and do to identify your dream customers.

It’ll help you keep them at the forefront of your marketing messages. The details are under the Ideal Customer and Growing Your Tribe sections.

You can download The Plan free here or below.

Brand & Business Opt In

Now What

You understand three of the biggest online marketing mistakes new entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and new bloggers often make.

You’re a smart cookie. You know your dream customers aren’t perusing the internet thinking, ‘What expert can I find today to drop some cash with.”

A more likely thought floating through her mind may be, “What the heck am I going to do with my career? How can I make more money and do something I love?  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of this job.”

See the difference?

Your ideal customer has problems, dreams, and aspirations floating in her mind.

Communicate to her that you’ve got an incredible product or service to solve her problem and get her emotions stirring.

Get Your Ideal Customers To Know, Like And Trust You

Slay these common online marketing mistakes and level up. Don’t forget that at the core of all your marketing strategies should be getting your dream customers to know, like, and trust you.

To do that, keep your marketing messages focused on your ideal customers and their needs.

They care less about you (don’t take it personally) and more about how you can help them reach their own goals.

They’ll scan what you say and quickly decide if they’re interested in playing with you online.

Make it easy for them to understand precisely who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and why they should care.

You’ve got this!

I’d love to hear from you and what’s been the most significant online marketing mistake you’ve dodged or made in your business?

What was the most prominent online marketing lesson you’ve learned so far, and what tips do you have for your fellow ‘Revolutionaries’?

3 Common mistakes #2 is the big one! Avoid it and other two common digital marketing mistakes with the help of these tips.
Click to read the marketing strategy tips and download 10 step branding guide to kick start your marketing the right way.
#marketingmistakes #businesstips #marketingtips

3 Common mistakes #2 is the big one! Avoid it and other two common digital marketing mistakes with the help of these tips.
Click to read the marketing strategy tips and download 10 step branding guide to kick start your marketing the right way.
#marketingmistakes #businesstips #marketingtips

3 Common mistakes #2 is the big one! Avoid it and other two common digital marketing mistakes with the help of these tips.
Click to read the marketing strategy tips and download 10 step branding guide to kick start your marketing the right way.
#marketingmistakes #businesstips #marketingtips

3 Common mistakes #2 is the big one! Avoid it and other two common digital marketing mistakes with the help of these tips.
Click to read the marketing strategy tips and download 10 step branding guide to kick start your marketing the right way.
#marketingmistakes #businesstips #marketingtips

3 Common mistakes #2 is the big one! Avoid it and other two common digital marketing mistakes with the help of these tips.
Click to read the marketing strategy tips and download 10 step branding guide to kick start your marketing the right way.
#marketingmistakes #businesstips #marketingtips