” I dream of a world with women revolutionaries from all walks of life empowering themselves and their sister-friends.  I imagine a global movement of fearlessly courageous women sharing their expertise, tools, resources, and sweat equity to collectively inspire and lead the next generation of daughters, sisters, and girlfriends to dream big and confidently realize their fullest potential.

Welcome To The Revolution

IT MAY OR MAY NOT be televised! If our future is to truly be female and the women behind us are expected to carry the weight of that honor,  now is our time to boldly expand the female narrative. Today is the day to have the voices of women from ALL cultural, socio-economic and religious backgrounds to have their voices heard,  stories told and dreams supported in real ways. For real, for r-e-a-l -times up!  As the American power structure is rapidly shifting, we’re fearlessly forging forward. If you’re like me, you’re certain your time and talents are most impactful not by fighting for a seat at someone else’s  ‘table’ but instead, in hosting your own dinner parties. Inviting, collaborating, supporting and working with other people who look like you and share similar values and beliefs. Nah’ I don’t want a seat at your table, cause this party is where it’s at!!!

Once upon a time I ‘earned a seat’ at the table only to realize my voice was simply an echo, a mere fraction of what I truly felt, understood and wanted to express. When it’s not your table, you’re forced to by their house rules, and for a southern girl with lots of passion, determination and big dreams, safe play brings about frustration and limitation.  Somewhere in this big ole’ world filled of possibilities and the ‘American Dream’, there had to a way for women like me to let my lil’ light shine.  A place where our voices could be loud, bold and proud. Where we could always fully be our authentic ourselves,  say goodbye to code switching forever and proudly take on every opportunity to glow up. 

Luckily for us, there’s never been an easier time to live a life of freedom and purpose. And the kicker- there are double-digit annual growth projections of money being spent and business happening exclusively online over the next few years. Couple that with the impact of having access to the latest tools and resources available to online entrepreneurs, and gi-r-l, your future is looking mighty bright!  What once took over a year or so to build online can now be done in a few months. 

It’s never been easier to design a purposeful and profitable business around something you already know how to do. With a real business, valuable products or services, automated systems, three fairly simple strategies, accessible tools and a strong platform- it’s easier than ever to reach and monetize a multi-billion dollar marketplace with a few clicks of your mouse. NOW- the caveat, it’s NOT all about the overinflated hype of getting rich overnight, making passive income (eventually parts of your biz can become passive) or working from the beach all the time (although I do quite a bit).

To run a profitable (not hobby based) business, you’ve got to put the work (like grit, y’all) to build it.  Especially in the beginning, it’s like a house. And before you can ever invite your crew to have a seat at your table, you’ve got to get everything in order. The diligent part is getting the foundation up and the roof on. It does require time, thought, action, vision, resilience and a lot of hustle starting out. If it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s not, but what it is, is a real pathway for you to build a business, do meaningful work, create a great lifestyle for yourself and give up trading hours for dollars: Literally transforming your life.

My mission is to help revolutionary women like you – ready to do what it takes build, grow and scale a profitable enterprise. I’ll help you build authority for your personal brand and build your business. I’m all for working with solopreneurs, new online entrepreneurs and inspiring ones who want to be recognized as go-to leaders in their niche. I’m here to provide you guidance with everything; from putting the right business foundation in place, honing your brand’s story, voice and messaging, integrating proven systems, and growing your email list and online community. Then of course, packaging, marketing and selling your wonderfully unique services, products or offers. 

I can teach you how to become a Digital CEO through my signature program, Digital CEO School.  Or, in my Level Up service, my team and I will build out your beautifully-branded website and digital presence in a way that reflects your brilliance,  packages your craft, and give you the savviest launch strategies to sell online. Then there’s my VIP Day program (it’s pretty fab), for a few select boss babes I work with one-on-one.   I’ve been helping my clients and tribe build 6 and 7-figure brands and businesses off and online for almost two decades. But just like watching seasons one and two of Girlfriends , it never gets boring. I only get that slightly anxious ‘butterflyish’ feeling in the pit of my tummy when I’m about to see daughter after it’s been way too long, my hubby kisses the nape of my neck or watching my peeps gain the clarity, confidence, courage to commit to their business goals.  My team and I find complete gratification helping you on your Digital CEO path: Supporting you in doing work you love, being an unapologetic Revolutionary and living yo’ absolute best life!

 All you have to do is- SHOW UP. Learn, do the work, be consistent and embrace all of your ‘Badassery ’with no apologies. Then use your impact to reach back and do incredible social good in the world (I mean that – what’s the point of empowering yourself if you’re not willing to empower your community?). 

So if you’re wondering exactly what makes me qualified to help you? I have an unwavering commitment to this woman led revolution coupled with the experience of having spent years managing the marketing and sales arm of multimillion-dollar media properties. In search of my most authentic path, I left Corporate America as a General Sales Manager for two multi-multi (yeah- you get it) million dollar revenue generating radio stations and their digital assets in Atlanta. I packaged my traditional and digital marketing, advertising and sales experiences, pulled from my M.A. in Integrated Communications knowledge, and built a branding and marketing business. Years later, a treasure trove of mistakes made and lessons learned, I transitioned my experiences into an online business consulting and education company.  At heart, I’m a business building strategist and marketing devotee, wildflower, spiritual ‘gangsta’ and style connoisseur. I know every episode of Girlfriends by heart, Lil Duval’s Living My Best Life gives me clarity, I’m a lot allergic to phony, a lil’ saucy at times + a Queen Bey Superfan!

I’m  girl with big dreams and a dream catching spirit who yearns to leave a positive mark on the people whose lives I’m blessed to touch. I’m committed to sharing all the strategies, systems, and experiences I’ve learned with you. My dream is that together, we’ll inspire and encourage each other to make our rightful impact in the world as ‘Revolutionaries’ and have lots of virtual champagne toasting and ‘hella’ fun doing it together!

My Backstory…


 Just like you, God gave me permission to let this little light of mine shine, and I do it with grace and gratitude. I discovered success and achievement in corporate environments early on but felt called on a different path. Sixteen years post-graduate school,  an M.A. in Integrated Communications (formerly Publications Design) from the University of Baltimore, a wicked shoe collection, fifteen years of high-level branding, marketing, digital marketing and advertising sales experience under my belt; I LOVE where I am and what I do.

On that wildflower note, while I was in college, I worked as a manager for a national modeling school and agency. Not sure why the owner felt I could handle it, but I’m glad she did. The entrepreneur bug was fueled – inspiring me to start my own model management gig. I trained, booked and introduced models to major market agencies. I had a blast, made a decent amount of dough, earned lifelong friendships and learned by trial and error how to run a profitable business.

Digital Marketing, I happened to have fallen into first selling and later managing digital assets and digital campaigns since the early 2000’s – for some of the largest media companies in the world. As the universe would have it, with digital undeniably being the future of global commerce, God blessed me with a golden ticket.

After running a marketing firm off of fumes and exhaustion for years,  August of 2017, I reclaimed my time.  I made a commitment to building a stellar digital business.  I embraced fearlessness,  put on my unicorn cape, dusted off my slay–and fully embraced a new dream.

Together we’ll galvanize the DIGITAL CEO REVOLUTION, one unapologetically revolutionary, impactful and profitable online brand, business and Badass Digital CEO at a time!

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Published Book

Books Signed

Happy Readers


No one is perfect: we weren’t meant to be. We’re meant to unravel, discover, and honor our own highest goodness.

– Courtney @TheBrandista

Fun Facts…

I’m no rookie at teaching. I first started teaching pageantry and modeling in high school and kept it as a side hustle until graduating from college. Later in my career, I hosted over a decade of brand marketing, digital marketing, blogging and personal branding workshops.

I love learning so sharing knowledge feels natural. After grad school, I taught Fashion Marketing under Dr. Whitaker for a semester at my alma mater, Morgan State University. Once I decided to take my business online, I immersed myself in online programs after online courses and invested in more extensive digital marketing training.

I spent 2017 touring my first book, Make Your Mark: Personal Branding Through “On -Purpose” Living, sitting on panels and signing books at major women, empowerment, and professional conferences. I spoke to thousands of people, not having one online product or program to guide them through the very thing I was encouraging them to do.

It was a harsh wake-up call. Woman after woman– asked how they could work with me.  Just as embarrassed as I was flattered, it revealed an ah-ha moment.

Eye-to-eye with a huge missed opportunity, I’d walked into a high demand for my expertise in my niche prior to creating a product to fill it.

Before the dusk from the tour settled, I created a wildly purpose-driven digital business. One that allows me to culminate all my career experiences, passion, and unique craft to live my own best life and show and lead other revolutionaries through doing the same.


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