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A southern girl with lots of passion, determination, and big dreams. I help people who want to become a leader in their market and have a real commitment to social responsibility, live a life of freedom and purpose. I’m committed to working with entrepreneurs and inspiring ones to create intentional brands and businesses by leveraging their experiences, unique gifts, passions, and personal brands online. Simply put, I help unicorns like you do everything needed to create and build a profitable online business. That’s everything from guiding you through putting the right business foundation in place, honing your brand’s story, voice and messaging, building the right systems, and implementing results-driven online marketing strategies. I can teach you how to become a digital CEO through my signature program, Digital CEO School.  Or, in my Level Up service, my team and I will create a launch strategy for your business, build out your website and digital presence in a way that reflects your brilliance,  package your genius to sell, and show you the savviest strategies to sell and market it successfully online. Then there’s my VIP Day program, for a few selected entrepreneurs I work with one-on-one.   Few things excite me more than helping my tribe build 6 and 7-figure brands. I get a rush watching them gain the clarity, confidence, courage and know how to grow their impact and income online.  Make their dreams come true and empower themselves to do amazing. Simply put, my team and I show people like you how to become a Digital CEO, do intentional work and life yo’ best life.

I have an unparallel commitment to empowering the next generation of daughters, sisters, and girlfriends that dare to dream big, to find the clarity, confidence, courage, and know-how to chase and realize those dreams! That mission coupled with my expert knowledge of almost two decades of online marketing, advertising sales, brand building, and coding experience allows me to strategically help my clients build 6 and 7-figure businesses.  I provide my students and clients with a comprehensive business and brand building roadmap. All they have to do is- do the work, embrace all of their ‘Badassery’with no apologies, and to LOVE, LIVE and CREATE from their vision. Then use that influence to do incredible good in the world.  I can’t say this enough, few things make me happier than watching my tribe step into their brilliance and reach back to help others. 

I left Corporate America as a General Sales Manager for two radio stations in Atlanta, packaged my traditional and digital marketing, advertising and sales experiences, and built a brand marketing business. Years later, a treasure trove of mistakes made and lessons learned, I transitioned my traditional marketing business into an online one.  At heart, I’m a business building strategist and marketing devotee, wildflower, spiritual gangsta and style connoisseur. I’m a lot allergic to phony, a lil’ saucy at times + a Queen Bey superfan!  With a determination of champs, my life has been everything but ordinary. For the vast majority of my journey, I’ve been happy and motivated; yet when you’re hard-wired to your intuition you feel things from heightened sense. SO, your highs are super high, and your lows are rock bottom low, the narrative of my life. For that, I choose happiness, freedom, financial independence and embrace my creative expression. I choose the best of what life has to offer, and I serve from the best of who I am in the moment.

 I’m a girl with big dreams who yearns to leave a positive mark on the people whose lives I’m blessed to touch.  I’ve been on an intentional self-realization journey for a while now. I’ve taken no shortcuts and I’m committed to sharing all the strategies, systems, secrets and experiences I’ve learned with you. My dream is that together, we’ll inspire and encourage each other to make our rightful impact in the world and have some fun doing it together.

My Story…

Just like you, God gave me permission to let this little light of mine shine, and I do it with grace and gratitude. I discovered success and achievement in corporate environments early on but knew there was a better path for me. Sixteen years post-graduate school,  an M.A in Communications Design from the University of Baltimore, a wicked shoe collection, fifteen years of high-level brand and digital marketing with advertising sales experience under my belt; I LOVE where I am and what I do.

On that wildflower note, while I was in college, I worked as a manager for a national modeling school and agency. Not sure why the owner felt I could handle it, but I’m glad she did. The entrepreneur bug was fueled within me, inspiring me to start my own model management gig. I trained, booked and introduced models to major market agencies. I had a blast, made a decent amount of dough, earned lifelong friendships and learned by trial and error how to run a profitable business. 

Digital Marketing, which I happened to have fallen into first selling and later managing digital assets and digital marketing campaigns since the early 2000s for some of the largest darling media companies in America- is the future. As the universe would have it, God blessed me with a golden ticket. 

After running a traditional business off of fumes and exhaustion for years,  August of 2017, I reclaimed my time.  I found the courage to pursue building a digital education company.  

I did exactly what I’m now showing and helping others to do. I embraced fearlessness,  put on my unicorn cape, dusted off my slay–and fully embrace a new dream. 

Together we’ll galvanize the DIGITAL CEO REVOLUTION, one unapologetically revolutionary, impactful and profitable online brand, business and Badass Digital CEO at a time! CHEERS to nurturing your light, stepping into your power, embracing your gifts, welcoming confidence and doing incredibly meaningful work!!!


No one is perfect: we weren’t meant to be. We’re meant to unravel, discover, and honor our own highest goodness.

– Courtney @TheBrandista

My Backstory…

I’ve been drawn to teaching as long as I can remember. From teaching pageantry and modeling starting in high school up until graduating from college- to hosting over a decade of brand marketing, digital marketing and personal branding workshops later in my career.

I love learning, so sharing knowledge has always felt natural. During grad school, I taught Fashion Marketing under Dr. Whitaker for a semester at my alma mater, Morgan State University. Once I decided to take my business online, I immersed myself in online programs after online courses and invested in an extensive digital marketing training.

I spent 2017 touring my first book, Make Your Mark: Personal Branding Through “On -Purpose” Living, sitting on panels and signing books at major women, empowerment and professional conferences. I spoke to thousands of people, not having one online product or program to guide them through the very thing I was encouraging them to do.

It was a harsh wake-up call. Conference after conference, woman after woman– asked how they could work with me.  Just as embarrassed as I was flattered, it revealed an ah-ha moment.

The Brandista herself, with a mission of helping people uncover their wildest potential by encouraging them to build brands using their unique gifts, skill set, and personal brand, hadn’t created a platform to show or help them to do that.

I was eye-to-eye with a huge missed opportunity. I’d walked into a demand for my expertise in my market prior to creating a product to fill it. Truth is, I’d gotten so caught up in my commitment and responsibility to my marketing consulting clients, I hadn’t made time to update my own dreams.

When the tour wrapped, I shared with my daughter and husband how I was going to completely immerse myself in transforming my business over the next few months. They’re both amazing accountability partners.

With that,  I updated my own dreams and intentionally created a digital business. One that allows me to culminate all of my career experiences, passion and unique gift to live my own best life and show and encourage my tribe to do the same.

Get my 8 steps to making more impact and income brand and business building plan.

Your step-by-step blueprint to setting up the right foundation to build and scale your dream business.

I’ll help you save time and money by simplifying all the start-up fluff. Grab your free plan now!


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