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 I’m Courtney and I dream of a world with women revolutionaries from all walks of life empowering themselves and their sister-friends.  I imagine a global movement of fearlessly courageous women sharing their expertise, tools, resources, stories, and sweat equity to collectively inspire and lead the next generation of daughters, sisters, and girlfriends to dream big and confidently realize their fullest potential.

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           Welcome To The Revolution

The future will be greatly influenced by females, and that means it’s our responsibility to boldly expand the female narrative for the women behind us who will carry the weight of that honor. Today is the day to have the voices of women from ALL cultural, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds to be heard and magnified. Their stories have to be told, and their dreams should be supported in real ways.  As the American power structure is rapidly shifting, this is our chance to fearlessly forge forward.

If you’re like me, you know your time and talents won’t have their biggest impact fighting for a seat at someone else’s table.  You can serve more people and leave a greater legacy by building your own table and hosting the most ‘delish’, inclusive and bomb dinner parties.

So Are You Ready To Elevate Your Influence? If you’re committed to growing your brand online, it’s time to use your unique experiences and story to turn your ‘superpower’ into scalable income.

I created TheBrandista.com from my desire to equip like-minded women with the branding + marketing + business-building knowledge to help close the 95% economic gap between men and women-owned companies in America. It’s an honor to share my years of professional expertise in the form of highly accessible services that include the ingredients of becoming a fearlessly branded digital CEO.

Once upon a time, I sat on the other side of my dreams consumed by “what ifs”. I “earned a seat at the table” only to realize my voice was simply an echo, a mere fraction of what I truly felt, understood, and wanted to express. It wasn’t my table nor my tribe. 

I’ve spent years managing the marketing and sales arm of multimillion-dollar media properties and more recently, marketing and advertising campaigns.  Years ago, I left Corporate America as a General Sales Manager for two multi-million dollar radio stations and their digital assets to follow my most authentic path. I packaged my traditional and digital marketing, advertising, and sales experiences, pulled from my M.A. in Integrated Communications knowledge, and built a profitable marketing and retail business.

With a treasure trove of mistakes made and lessons learned, I founded an online business building and education company, co-founded a marketing agency, and launched a lifestyle brand.  At heart, I’m a brand-building strategist and marketing devotee, wildflower, spiritual ‘gangsta’, and style connoisseur.

I know every episode of Girlfriends by heart and Lil Duval’s Living My Best Life keeps me focused. I’m a lot allergic to phony, a lil’ saucy at times + an apologetic Queen Bey Superfan!

It’s time for us to create spaces and opportunities where our voice can be heard loud, bold, and proud. How can you achieve that? Where do you start? I know the answers sometimes feel a million miles away.

Luckily for us, we’re in a growth phase of the digital era – there’s never been an easier time to live a life of real freedom and purpose. Gi-r-l-l-l, your future is looking mighty bright!  

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You can build a robust brand inexpensively online in just a few months, so why not leverage your skills, experiences, and story to tap into the growing multibillion-dollar marketplace? It’s truly as simple as merging the following:

  • a distinguishable brand
  • marketing + social strategy
  • valuable products or authentic services
  • automated systems
  • accessible tools

Of course, if online entrepreneurship was easy to figure out, everyone would do it. Like all businesses, digital brands require sweat equity and commitment. However, you’ll find it can be a real game-changer that offers a path to a lifestyle of meaningful work and financial freedom. 

 In my signature program,  Digital CEO SchoolI guide you through the process of building the foundation for your online brand and business. 

Then there’s my VIP Day program (it’s pretty fab), for a few select revolutionaries I work with one-on-one.   I’ve been helping my clients build 6 and 7-figure brands and businesses off and online for almost two decades. But just like watching season one of Girlfriends, it never gets boring.

How did I land here?

I spent 2017  touring my first book, Make Your Mark: Personal Branding Through “On-Purpose” Living, sitting on panels and signing books at major women, empowerment, and professional conferences. I spoke to thousands of people, not having one online product, membership, or program to guide them through the very thing I was encouraging them to do.

I committed to building a stellar digital business.  Together, we’ll galvanize the DIGITAL CEO REVOLUTION, one unapologetically revolutionary, impactful, and profitable online brand, business, and Badass Digital CEO at a time!

 It’s an honor for me and my team to help you become a thriving Digital CEO. You trust us to help you achieve your goals, and in turn, I trust you to SHOW UP and invest in yourself. Learn, do the work, be consistent, and embrace all of your ‘Badassery ’with no apologies. I believe in you!

 I dream that together, we’ll inspire and encourage each other to make our rightful impact in the world. We’ll revolutionize female empowerment through entrepreneurship and mentoring. And, surely we’re prone to enjoy lots of virtual champagne toasting and ‘hella’ fun doing it together!

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No one is perfect: perfection doesn’t exist. Instead, we should allow our unique curiosity and higher selves to lead us through unraveling, discovering, and honoring our own soul’s purpose.

– Courtney @TheBrandista

My Backstory 

I discovered success and achievement in corporate environments early on but felt called on a different path. Sixteen years of post-graduate school,  with an M.A. in Integrated Communications from the University of Baltimore; I have a wicked shoe collection, years of high-level branding, marketing, and advertising sales experience under my belt. 

During college, I worked as a manager for a national modeling school and agency. The entrepreneur bug was fueled - inspiring me to start a model management gig. I trained, booked, and introduced models to major market agencies. I learned by trial and little room for error how to run a profitable business.

Then digital marketing came. It's a discipline I happened to have fallen into first selling and later managing digital assets and digital campaigns beginning in the early 2000s.  Digital and online sales and marketing are undeniably the future of global commerce,  and I'm grateful God blessed me with that golden ticket.

Another fun fact, after grad school, I taught Fashion Marketing under Dr. Whitaker for a semester at my alma mater, Morgan State University. It was dope!


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