Ready To Position Yourself As An Expert?

 You’re passionate to position yourself as an expert at what you do and your timing is divine.

The internet and social media make it fairly simple for you to communicate to your audience exactly what you’d like to be recognized for.

With practical experience and a real service to provide you’ve got the foundation to position yourself as an expert.

Building your brand and positioning yourself can be a lot of fun.

Really, it can be.

Hear me out.

Here are a few branding tips and you can implement yourself from competitors in your niche.


Position Yourself As The Expert Even If You’re A New Entrepreneur

Launching a new business?

Don’t lose sleep trying to figure out how to stand out in your market.

We’ve all started somewhere.

Every female entrepreneur who has built a business from scratch understands that uneasy feeling of uncertainty.

Relax, I’m here to help you. 

Feeling a bit uncomfortable is out but taking the steps to position yourself or your business is what’s important.


It’s On You

You’re charged with building your business, marketing, branding, sales, customer services, financial planning, and the list goes on.

Here’s the great news, you can do it with a little planning and lots of follow- throughs.

We’re in an exciting and thrilling time for women entrepreneurs.

Prospects no longer seek out experts based on the amount of experience they have.

Today’s prospects and customers want to do business with people they can relate to and trust. 

Wired consumers are savvy and curious.

They want to know relate to who they spend their money with.

They have lots of options at the click of a finger and you can separate yourself by sharing your story and back story.

Prospects yearn to relate to feel connected to the businesses and people they buy from.

Consumers want to know if your values align with theirs and if you can do what you say you’ll do for them.

Levarage Your Brand By Sharing Your Story

I want you to leverage what you do by using your authentic story and messaging to tell your propspects what you do and who you do it for.


By implementing these 3 ways to position yourself as an expert with authority.




1. Embrace Your Talent And Authencity

The best traits of experts across industries are universal.

Great experts continue to strengthen and hone their craft.

They become fabulous at something and then either teach others to do what they do using their method.

Or, they do it for them.

Leading experts use what they know to share their insight, commentary, story, and wisdom with others in their unique way.

Who is your absolute favorite expert?

What is it about them that draws you in?

Is it their authentic way of using their talent to understand their ideal customer’s problems and offer real solutions?

Likely, they’ve packaged their offerings in various ways through products, services, events or branded content.


2. Find Your Opportunity Gap

Whether you’re in the coaching, wellness, beauty, healthcare, finance, legal, real estate, e-commerce or another industry identify a specific problem that exists in your market that you’re (or will be) the expert at solving.

Once you’re clear on the precise problem you want to be known for solving, create your own methodology for solving it.

To do that, outline and package the steps needed to achieve the solution using your own proprietary system.

Equipped with the unique branded solution you’re offering your market it’s time to communicate.

Yes, it’s time to tell everyone about who you are, what you do, how you do it and who you do it for.

The goal here is to reiterate the problem that you’re solving in your business. 

With clarity on the problem  communicate why your prospects should use you to solve that problem.

Why and how?

In the digital era, every industry is saturated with experts offering a lot of the same solutions packaged different ways.

Consequently, you know your prospects care less about you and more about what you can do for them.

There wish should be your deamnd.

Give them what they want.

They want their problems solved and they want it done by an expert that they can resonate with and trust.


3. Brand Your Method of Providing The Solution

Are you ready to get creative?

Perfect, think of your brand’s positioning as a game.

And I’m inviting you to take part in a 21-Day Expert Positioning Challenge!


Here’s how we’re rolling.

There’s only one rule.

Each day for 21 days you must  come up with a creative idea to present who you are, what you do and who you do it for using the Internet.

I know you may be side-eyeing me but you’ll thank me when it’s over.

The goal is to have fun but push your comfort zone while you position (or reinforce) yourself as the expert in your niche.

Think outside the box when you craft your messages, captions and how you deliver your content.

There are no limits to the various ways you can challenge yourself but most of all, I challenge you to be creative.


Play With The Images You Share And Captions You Write

Perhaps, go live, a time or two. Then maybe create a reel or video. 

Maybe launch an email challenge?

Play with hashtags, get super social on social (imagine that) and please keep me posted.

If you need a little personal branding help to get your creative juices flowing, I’ve got you.

Snag The Brand Plan For Bosses for free below and put the right messaging in place before you start the challenge.


The Brand Plan For Bosses


The absolute best way to build trust and resonance with your potential clients is to make it super clear to them what you do, who you do it for and why they should care.

Consider referencing your branded methodology as relates to the work you do and the results you’ve seen from your clients.

Or, again you can walk your email subscribers through a small part of your process for free within an email challenge, on a webinar or even in a simple social media post.

For example, branding strategist, I’m doing this now.

I’m challenging you to position yourself as the expert in your ndustry and to kick start their branding process.


Consistently Communicate The Following Three Tips

First, educate your prospects by letting them know you’ve created a special method to help them solve their particular problem.

Next, help them to understand your particular process for solving their problem or achieving their goal.

Third, convince them you’re their person and the best expert for them to work with to get the job done.

As you position yourself as the expert, remember to always be two things: credible and consistent.

Credibility is about being a reliable source of valuable information. Click To Tweet


Consistency Is Key

Consistency takes planning and action.

You have an incredible opportunity to position yourself as the expert because right now people are craving information.

Across all industries and niches, people want to learn from and do business with people they can relate to and trust.

Becoming the expert to your audience, in your niche, and within your market doesn’t have to take years.

You have something valuable to offer, now brand your solution, tell your story, and be consistent.

Have fun creating your special method of delivering the solutions you provide.

Then use your content to consistently share your secret sauce.

And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the process of making a positive difference in your students, customers, clients or patients’ lives.

Drop me a line below and let me know your methodology.

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3 ways to position yourself as the expert