The biggest online marketing mistake you’re going to avoid

As a Digital CEO there are mistakes are inevitable. No matter how much business insight, experiences, strategies, secrets and shortcuts I’ve learned, and will share with you, you’re going make mistakes in your business. I still make mistakes on a daily basis and I’ve been in business since 2009. But as I often tell my daughter, “You’ve got to learn from your own unique experiences and there are some lessons that I can’t save you from,” Well the same holds true in business.

From working with hundreds of brands and business of all sizes (traditional and online ones) throughout my career both in Corporate and later as an entrepreneur, there are a few proven marketing and sales strategies and promotional concepts that I know work well for an online, service-based business. And, as with everything, there are some things that won’t, no matter how you position or spin it.

I embrace my commitment to make sure I’m sharing small easily digestable nuggets of insight for both my clients and students at every chapter of their Digital CEO Journey. I’m not naive enough to think everything works for everybody or in every phase of business. I’m far from a rookie entrepreneur, yet, it’s rewarding for me to read something simple that I’ve known but I’ve simply forgotten or just not made it a priority in my business. So while the biggest online marketing mistake I see, I like to call it ‘a rookie mistake’ truth be told, it’s a great concept for any online business to remember and benefit from. So whether you’re a rookie or a vet, do not commit the following crime!

Ok, all this month, I’m dropping knowledge to my peeps on the most common mistakes I mainly when newbies are first starting out in their online businesses. As Maya Angelou first dropped the gem, and I’ve adopted as one of my mottos’ and soooo- often repeat, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

So here’s the deal, this first rookie mistake is a costly one, so if you haven’t made it kudos to you. If you have never, eva do it again!

Here we go, if you’ve made it or was planning to, don’t. Pivot and readjust.

The #1 Online Marketing Mistake- Not speaking your dream customer’s language

The first mistake is to write and speak using too much professionalism, industry jargon and in a way that your dream client, the person you’re most wanted to attract, doesn’t relate to. When someone is scrolling through their social feeds, most times they’re chilling. They’re trying to get their minds off of what they really should be doing (like work- haha!), or they’re looking to be social (hence-social media) or they’re scrolling by habit to see what’s happening.

Right? No ONE goes to social media and says, “Let me see what online coach or training for women who want to transition their career into an online business, or what coach out there can I give a few thousand dollars to that will help me live my best life.” You won’t folks actively searching for the newest online coaching program, fitness expert, social media guru, photographer, blogger, author or course creator program or service.  Listen, I wish that was the case because my life and business would be a lot easier.  It’s not!

No one is waving their Amex in the digital ‘webisphere’ begging you to swipe it.

Since that doesn’t happen, you can’t afford to speak in your expert language, no one would hear you. There are just too many distractions online and people only respond to things they feel a resonance or connection with.
So Instead of using your language, communicate with them using their own words. Actually, try messaging that uses exact phrases you think they’d potentially use themselves.

Makes sense right? If you speak to your dream customers in their own language, they’ll be more likely to understand exactly what you’re saying and it has more of an opportunity to strike a chord with them.  It places you in the position to begin to form an emotional resonance between what you’re saying and how they’re actually thinking and feeling.

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The language they use with themselves daily in their heads, the way they talk when they’re speaking to their partners and girlfriends is going to be quite different from the way you speak as an expert. Think about it like this, you’re the one with experience in the field who has cultivated enough value and to be able to help others to get to where you are (aspirational) or at least where you know they want to go.

It’s their own distinct language, lingo and catch phrases that are going to grab their attention. And in order for you to attract the attention of hundreds, thousands or millions of your dream customers while they’re kicking it and hanging out online to be social, you’ve got two important tasks ahead of you. First, you’ve got to get noticed by them. Once they notice you, you have to start an authentic conversation with them. They want to feel like they can relate to you and what you’re saying can be trusted.

That’s right, you’ve got have your own branding messaging on point.

I discussed the foundation of this in the Ultimate Brand & Business Building Plan in the Ideal Customer and Growing Your Tribe sections and you can grab it here.

So how do you do that? Since we’ve established, your dream customers aren’t perusing the internet thinking, ‘Who can I find to provide me with some mental training for women in career transition? A more effective messaging could be, “What the heck am I going to do with my career. How can I make money doing something I care about. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of this job.”

You feel me? See a big difference. You’ve got to get some emotion stirring.

When my clients create their brand banks, we go deep into the ideal customer avatar’s mind and heart. We get real clear on the exact words and phrases they use in their messaging and copy to assure it speaks to their real problems, needs or desires.

I love hearing from you, what has been the biggest rookie in your business? What was the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far? What tips do you have for your fellow ‘Revolutionaries’ from your business experience?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, tips, and insight in the comments below. I look forward to reading them, and I always read every single one.