Why It’s Important To Identify Your Niche

Having a niche isn’t enough these day to make your online marketing and selling work best for you. Truth is if your niche is too broad you’re working too hard.

Your number priority as a service-based, online business is to get paying clients and to do that, it’s important that you communicate to as many of your potential ideal customers in the niche segment of the market you’re going after who you are, what you do and who you’re doing it for.

So I’m not pretending that it’s easy to get the word out but knowing exactly who you’re talking to will certainly make your life as a Digital CEO a lot easier. First, it gives you the confidence to excitedly respond to the “So what do you do” question. With exactly what you do. Like, I teach female are solopreneurs who are future industry leaders how to build profitable online businesses.

Second, it helps you laser focus on the best products and services to offer them. The more you know about who you’re providing solutions for the more knowledgeable you are to create courses, programs or products that best fit their needs.

Third, once you’ve created and packaged your genius offers you can speak directly to them in your marketing efforts. I’m talking about everything from posts you ‘re writing for them, videos your record, emails you send out, webinars you host.

All of your writing should speak to the problems your niche the face, the needs they have and desires they want to be met.  he more clarity you have about who you’re talking to the easier it’ll become for you to create the best products, services, and programs for them. As well as marketing those offers to those ideal customers to consistently line up paying clients for you.

The Magic In Carving Out Clear Niche

Think about pairs of stilettos you can buy online. How many possible styles and colors are there for sale online?

Ok, I have no idea either, but the point I’m making is this. When I’m in the mood for a new pair, I Google specific colors or brands. Entering stilettos in a Google search would only produce an overwhelming search result of options that don’t match my style.

To avoid wasting time on a broad search, I’d narrow my search to my personal favorite designers, cuts and even colors.

Shoe retailers understand this, so they market their shoes to a specific market based on the price points of their shoes, they lifestyle brand they’ve created as the story behind their shoes and in their marketing they speak directly to the “ideal customer” they’ve identified will be heavy users for their particular shoe brand.

It doesn’t mean that people who don’t fit the income or lifestyle profile wouldn’t buy them, it just means that’s not who they’re copywriting their messages to attract or spending their marketing dollars to find online.


As an online entrepreneur you’re you must do the same for what you’re selling in your business. The more specific you are in determining who you want to help and how you’re going to help them, the easier it becomes to write copy for them, and find and market to them online using content that resonates with them.

I don’t care what industry you’re in, giving everything else is equal marketing to a niche market instead of a broad one will always produce better marketing and sales results.

All Niches are not Created Equal!

There are different levels of niching. There is a niche and there is a niche in the niche. For my clients and students, I always advise them to start with the smallest most viable market. 8 times out 10, they’ll tell me their product or service is for everyone. And maybe it’s true. Any woman who loves stilettos could be a potential buyer for a pair of stilettos online.

However, the shoe brand that has created a lifestyle story behind their shoes will make their marketing and sales executives live a lot easier.


Because we all image a lifestyle for ourselves. We see ourselves in a particular way. Sure, we’re attracted to particular styles and cuts but there hundreds of possible shoe brands to choose from. Human nature makes it so that we resonate with brands that we feel represent us. Their ads, the stores they’re in. The celebrities or influencers that wears them. The way they fit your feet. The causes the brand supports.

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Here are three questions to get your rolling on finding their niche:

  1. Who you think your niche is. Male or Female. What age range. What income level. What  geography.
  2. Of those people narrow it a step further based on their passions, likes, and interests.
  3. Once you’re feeling good about your niche, go with it but remain flexible.

There you go. The beautiful thing about being an entrepreneur is your business will continue to change and you should adapt to those changes. Start with the smallest viable market possible then market the heck out your offers. Definitely stick with your niche for a few months and then reassess how well you’re able to find and attract that niche online.

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