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Entreps. Founders. Authors. Bloggers. Coaches. Podcasters. Course Creators. 

Are you ready to grow your business, make an authentic impact, and earn enough money to have the freedom to live life on your terms? Then it’s your time to build a brand, grow your audience, and implement an effective marketing and sales system.

Are you unclear on how to attract more of the right eyeballs to your work? Or, you’re rubbing your head and wondering exactly how to connect your products and services to hundreds, or thousands, of peeps who’d value and buy your stuff?  You’re in the right place.

Together we’ll confidently brand, market, and sell what you know or do into an authentic and profitable business. With the right business-building foundation, clear messaging, online marketing strategies that work, and an effective sales system you’ll get more visibility, influence a larger impact and make more sales.

Experience taught me how to build valuable products and services that sell online, message and market them to the right people, grow a thriving online community, and build a dream business around a life of love and fulfillment. So, I’m here to guide, teach, and serve you in doing just that.



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Lean In & Listen

Building a life-altering brand starts within.

No matter if you’re a pro or just starting to build your business, you have the potential to become the go-to expert, thought-leader, and change agent in your industry. If the burning desire and appetite to serve are within you, you’re halfway there. Now it’s time to take strategic action, refocus your ambition, craft a powerful message, share your unique story with your ideal audience, and simply monetize your dream to maximize your impact.

You know that when you launch your next book, podcast, online store, online course, or training program, you’ll need an audience. So now is the time to galvanize an engaged audience of people who can get to know, identify with, and trust you.

Dream Business. Dream Brand. Dream Life.

The secret is out of the bag.

In today’s digital age success is different. While valuable, no longer does your accolades and experience drive your success. Instead of your ability to find your voice, and share your unique message with the right people using the right system is how you build a life changing-brand. Success at all levels is happening every day for entrepreneurs selling online who are willing to invest their time and work towards building the right foundation, sharing the right message, and implementing an effective online marketing and sales system. 

With the right foundation, messaging, audience, and systems you’ll attract the right people who are interested in buying your course, signing up for your membership program, downloading your podcast, buying from your e-commerce store, and being a part of your online community. 


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Believe It. Package It. Brand It. Market It. Sell It. Rinse & Repeat.

I’m Courtney Rhodes, a jewelry and lifestyle designer with a 20-year marketing professional obsessed with helping big dreamers to message, market, and monetize their products and services online. 

No one with the talent, drive and a dream should be left behind in today’s booming digital revolution. My superpower is to help you share your superpower. Yes, it is getting you seen and heard without branding, online marketing, or sales overwhelm.

You owe it to yourself to get laser-focused and become an expert at sharing your gift. Leverage your unique story, experiences, and greatest strengths to successfully market and monetize it by driving daily leads and sales to your business. 

I’ll guide you step-by-step through transforming who you are and what you know to cultivate a compelling brand. 

BRAND, MARKET and SELL what you do using my secret 4-Step Business Building and Branding Blueprint. I’ll guide you through claiming your piece of the $107 billion online teaching industry, or the $532 billion spent in e-commerce sales.

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Are You Ready To Build A Brand That Elevates Your Impact, Influence, and Income?


Ready to use your own experiences, story, talents, strengths, interests, or passion to grow your business? Want to grow your business by monetizing your mission, message, and marketing using online marketing and social media? Perfect!  It’s time to drive visibility to get your business heard and seen by enough of the right people, with the right messages, offering the right value, and directing your ideal customers to your business. 

Together we’ll identify your most viable niche, attract those exact people with the right message on the best mediums, and convert them into customers. 

Join the Digital CEO Revolution, a movement driven by smarties courageously owning and directing their businesses and brands.  If that’s you, you’ve got next, and you’re in the right place!



My one goal in creating one-on-one coaching is to be the guide and mentor I wish I had in building my brand and business. Inside One-On-One coaching, I share relevant business-building expertise to help you elevate your course, podcast, book, brand, e-commerce, or overall business sales. I’ll assess where you are, your business goals and identify exactly where you need help. Together, we’ll agree on and implement a strategy and tactical plan to get you there. In no time, you’ll have a real action plan to get you moving faster and more efficiently without unnecessary overwhelm.

Personal Branding Coach



This online course teaches students step-by-step how to build an authoritative personal brand, launch, and grow a digital business within 90 days.  

Digital CEO School is the ultimate crash course on all things online brand and business building. I’ll share EVERYTHING you need to launch or make more money in your existing business. Let Digital CEO School be your breakthrough and leverage your impact and income online in total confidence! 



Ready to have some fun, do group work, or network with like-minded bosses? There is nothing more inspiring for seasoned, new, and aspiring girl bosses to do than connect one-on-one or in intimate group settings with each other. There is something unerringly powerful in learning, being inspired by, collaborating, and sharing expertise with like-minded women. Join us for a meetup centered around personal branding or brand-building workshops in various cities.


Personal Branding Coach



To begin now, connect with a community of other like-minded, revolutionary women inside the Digital CEO Revolution. Get advice, support, and become a part of one of the most amazing go-getting groups of women online.

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Courtney’s Book Is Available

Personal Branding Through On-Purpose Living

The personal branding foundation and hacks outlined in this book will lead you through uncovering key factors that allow you to intimately discover, hone, and share your best self. The book will gently guide you through uncovering clarity around your talents, strengths, passion, and authentic, purpose-driven self. You’ll find the direction needed to move you towards chasing your life’s vision. With confidence in your personal brand and unwavering conviction around what you can do with your talents, capabilities, and natural strengths you’ll spark the motivation to take inspired action towards realizing your fullest potential.

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Working with Courtney is always a pleasure as she brings not only her branding and marketing expertise but also her positive energy and vision. She is an invaluable marketing and branding asset to ANY project or team.

Dina Marto

Twelve Studios, Owner & Music Executive

We have absolutely LOVED working with Courtney Rhodes –  she has created a beautiful website for us as well as running our advertising campaigns – there has never been a time she has not been available to us, answering all our emails and questions immediately and being an awesome asset.

Theresa Southerland

Bella Figlia Designs, Co-Owner

Thank you, Courtney! Life-changing magic to find brand clarity! Authentic and inspirational go-to guide. To be crystal clear on what my personal brand is really all about and communicating the essence of my story has changed everything in my business.

Priscila Limas

The Armin Bar Inc., Owner


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Are you a course creator, podcaster, or life coach? A fitness, finance or wellness expert, influencer, author, or expert and you're ready to grow your impact, influence, and income online? Whether launching an online store, a course teaching other professionals in your industry, launching a program, book, blog, or one-on-one services, I'd love to help you grow your business and leverage your brand.  If you're from a conference, training division, or the media, let's chat.

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