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You are a powerful woman with inspiring ambition, enviable skills and an appetite for life. You absolutely can design a thriving business around a life of financial and personal freedom. Imagine waking up with the awe of your energetic three-year-old self, blissfully motivated and fulfilled by the work you do. Who cares if it’s Monday or Friday? You’re living your best work and personal life.

Are you being called to do work and take actions that support the dreams you have for your life and represent the best of what you have to share in the world?

It’s never been a more promising time to use your authenticity, voice, and experience to spread the message of your life vision and bring your dream to life right from your laptop. Believe me, I know it’s overwhelming to say bye-bye to your trusted days spent daydreaming in a cubicle. It’s even more overwhelming if you’ve already achieved success in your current work.

But it’s time to take action. Your life changes now. Just imagine:

Today was spent in your Betty Boop flannels creating content, ordering inventory, developing your buzz-worthy online course or planning an incredibly inspiring retreat. Tomorrow you’ll gloss your lips with Ruby Woo lipstick perfectly lined by your Cherry liner, get Beyoncé fly and board a G6.

You’ve leveraged your talents and brand to gain a dedicated audience and built a platform that gives you access to targeted customers 24-7. Your business and life finally reflect the best of who you are and hints to your wildest potential. Your soul is on fire, and you’ve found deep purpose in the authentic business you’ve built from your laptop.

Feel it? Can you see yourself basking in the flexibility, finances, and freedom to make the impact and income you’re capable of? You are a dreamer and a doer. You’ve flushed out your brand, packaged your value, straightened your crown, and saved your dreams.

You’re here because you’re looking for a way to achieve this. It starts with a business dream, clear vision, and a trusted roadmap. AKA a reliable method with detailed directions on how to get there. I’m here to offer my unique craft so you can do just that.

As you probably guessed, running a six or seven-figure business isn’t for the faint at heart. Profits don’t just roll in at 30, 60 or 90 days out (I’m sorry y’all!). BUT it’s a reality every day for people like you who possess an unwavering commitment to win and crafted a trusted plan.

Believe It. Package It. Brand It. Market It. Sell It. Rinse & Repeat.

I help the next generation of badass innovative women revolutionaries pave the future of a woman-led Digital CEO Revolution. With the skills I offer through the Digital CEO programs, you’ll be a confident, independent entrepreneur, ready to share and grow your compelling brand. With the right foundation, marketing strategies, and systems you can attract an online audience and convert them into customers.

YOU can BRAND, MARKET and SELL exactly what you’ve been daydreaming using my secret 6-Step Brand & Business Building Blueprint. I’ll be cheering you on as you claim your piece of the $107 billion online teaching industry or the $532 billion spent in e-commerce sales, and the 3.48 billion active social media users.

Ready To Fire Your Boss? Excited to start an online business using your personal story, knowledge, and experiences to find your most viable niche? Ready to attract an online audience, grow a platform and turn your knowledge into income and fulfillment? A bomb business awaits you, so in the famous nudge of Queen Bey, get in formation.




Who Wants To Fire Your Boss?

Ready to start an online business using your personal story, knowledge, and experiences to find your most viable niche, attract an online audience, grow a platform and turn your knowledge into a thriving business? A bomb business gives you the financial and time freedom to work remotely and join the revolution of smart women entrepreneurs that have successfully done that. If you’re up next, you’re in the right place!



To begin now, connect with a community of other like-minded, revolutionary women inside the Digital CEO Revolution. Get advice, support and become a part of one of the most amazing go-getting group of women online.



Begin to make your business dreams a reality by enrolling in our one of a kind, online course, and exclusive membership! Inside Digital CEO Society is where you’ll learn the brand and online business-building and access the tools, resources, and on-going support to build, launch and grow the online business you envision. 



Ready to have some fun and network with other revolutionary girl bosses? There is nothing more inspiring for seasoned, new and aspiring girl bosses to do than connect one-on-one with each other. Ther is something unerringly powerful in being inspired by and collaborating with like-minded women. Join us for these in-demand meetups in various cities.


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Courtney’s Book Is Available Now

Personal Branding Through On-Purpose Living

The personal branding foundation and hacks offered in this book are intended to uncover key factors that allow the discovery and sharing of your best self. Courtney guides you through uncovering clarity your authentic, passion-driven self, so you have direction and the energy to chase your life’s vision. With confidence in your brand and conviction around where your career and life goals can go, you’ll be inspired to take calculated action towards realizing your fullest potential.


Working with Courtney is always a pleasure as she brings not only her branding and marketing expertise but also her positive energy and vision. She is an invaluable marketing and branding asset to any project or team.

Dina Marto

Twelve Studios, Owner & Music Executive

We have absolutely LOVE working with Courtney Rhodes –  she has created a beautiful website for us as well as running our advertising campaigns – there has never been a time she has not been available to us, answering all our emails and questions immediately and being an awesome asset – we could not do it without her!

Theresa Southerland

Bella Figlia Designs, Co-Owner

Thank you, Courtney! Life changing magic to find brand clarity! Authentic and inspirational go-to guide, to be crystal clear on what your personal brand is all about and communicating the essence of your story.

Priscila Limas

The Armin Bar Inc., Owner

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Are you a life coach, fitness or wellness expert, change-maker, creative,  fashion or finance professional, biz coach, nutritionist or stylist, author or artist ready to grow your impact and income online? Whether launching an online store, a course teaching other professionals in your industry, launching a program, book, blog or one-on-one services, I'd love to help you leverage your brand.  If you're from a conference, training division or the media, let's chat.

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