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  Hey unicorn, heey! Welcome to the Digital CEO Revolution. I’m Courtney, aka the Brandista I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade. With my expertise, unique gifts and craft I’m obsessed with helping entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and influencers who are committed to social impact (like you) build and launch profitable online businesses. Say bye-bye to your cubicle days of daydreaming about your dream business and instead… Imagine waking up morning after morning with the awe of your energetic three-year-old self, blissfully motivated and fulfilled by the work you do. Who cares if it’s Monday or Friday, you’re living yo’ best life. Daily you’re making decisions that support the dreams you have for your life and represent the best of what you have to give in the world. Today was spent in your Betty Boop flannels creating content, ordering inventory, creating your next dope course or planning an oh-so-awe-inspiring women’s retreat. Tomorrow you’ll gloss your lips with Ruby Woo, get Beyonce fly and board a G6 to the South of France.  
You’ve turned your passion and authenticity into a paycheck. Your business and life reflect the best of who you are and hints to the wildest potential of who you’re becoming.  Your soul is on fire. You bask in the flexibility, finances, and freedom to fully express yourself to make the impact you once only dreamed of. 
You’re a dreamer and a doer. You believe in yourself, straightened your crown, grabbed your cape and saved your own dreams. You’ve built a rock-solid business foundation and created an intentional and profitable business providing hundreds, thousands or more people that special thing you’re uniquely prepared to do.
You can feel it,  you see it, you’ve prayed for it, but one thing isn’t crystal clear. You don’t have a roadmap, a proven method with clear directions on how to get there. I’ve been there (way too long), but NOW– I’m here to show you, teach you or help you with step-by-step what’s needed to transform your vision into reality. And, running a six or seven figure online business isn’t for the faint at heart. Six and seven figure profits are not going to be rolling 30 or 60 or 90  days (I’m sorry Y’all), but with a real business, valuable products or services, a viable market, scalable automation, a lot of courage, hella hustle and an unwavering belief in yourself we can do it- life as you know it will certainly transform.

 Believe It. Package It. Brand It.   Market It. Sell It.

I’ll help you find clarity, put a business foundation in place, build a brand, package products, and services to sell. Then you’ll confidently market and sell the heck of them using my secret sauce marketing and sales strategies. A girl ain’t gonna let the last two decades I’ve spent building a career in advertising, market, and sales not to help my tribe level all the way up.  Claim your piece of the $107 billion dollars online teaching industry or the $532 billion annually in e-commerce sales the US is projected to hit.

Oh- and we’ll do it in a way that feels authentic to you and the peeps you’re committed to serving (NO sleazy marketing stunts- overinflated promises or aggressive selling). I can’t with all that! We’ll find a niche of people who want and appreciate what you have to offer. We’ll build your brand with your own personal style and messaging.

Then we’ll shower your niche with an incredible customer experience using all our secrets and magic. We’ll beautifully package your offers to those people looking for it on a platinum platter with Swarovski crystal-encrusted handles (BLING). And after a lot of heart and hustle from you, before you know it, you’ll soon enjoy the benefits of all those Amex cards swiping to buy your products, courses, services or membership programs while you get your beauty rest.

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A how-to guide to seize control of your life, accomplish lifelong dreams and achieve goals through the power of personal marketing and establishing your brand. Don’t let your hopes and dreams fall to the wayside in the interest of ease and comfort. Embrace self-discovery, discipline, and marketing.

By embracing your authenticity, cultivating a branding foundation, and committing to the work, you’ll find yourself realizing your dreams. When you work in tandem with the things you value, that creative energy guides you into your zone. Where your dreams are fueled by inspiration, connection, and passion.

The unstoppable drive that turns dreams into reality. The book breaks down key factors that allow the discovery and promotion of your best self. In uncovering your authentic, passion-driven self, you’ll find the clarity and energy to chase new opportunities, complete those tasks you’ve long put off, find new career options or clients, and ultimately realize your fullest potential.

Streamline your capabilities, identify your strengths, embrace your ideals, and allow your talents to guide your life. This approach honors what motivates and drives you.

Unleashing the confidence, honing the courage, and doing the work to pursue your most realized self. Make Your Mark: Personal Branding Through “On-Purpose” Living will serve as your accountability partner in your achieving your goals.

In the book, I share strategies culled from corporate branding, marketing communications, and advertising principles to help you grow your brand and guide you towards your dreams.

Working with Courtney is always a pleasure as she brings not only her branding expertise, but also her positive energy and vision. She is an invaluable asset to any project or team

Dina Marto

Twelve Studios, Owner

Life changing magic to find brand clarity! Authentic and inspirational go-to guide, to be crystal clear on what your personal brand is all about and communicating the essence of your story.”

Priscila Limas

The Armin Bar Inc., Owner

We have absolutely LOVED working with Courtney Rhodes –  she has created a beautiful website for us as well as running our advertising campaigns – there has never been a time she has not been available to us, answering all our emails and questions immediately and being an awesome asset – we could not do it without her!

Theresa Southerland

Bella Figlia Designs, Owner


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